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27 June 2013

Friday, 28 April 2017

More than one Solution

Economic Times ( 27 April 2017 ), carries following editorial :

Selling electric vehicles without batteries: A model to make e-buses viable

The proposal to sell electric vehicles without batteries, relying instead on leasing the crucial component, could well be the policy push that could help shift the transport sector away from fossil fuels.

This policy innovation will make electric vehicles cheaper by as much as 70% without resorting to subsidies.

The decision to start off with the public transport, specifically city buses, is a good scaled-up pilot, allowing government to absorb initial infrastructure costs, and provides an opportunity to tweak the system to meet local requirements.

While the pace of innovation and improvement in battery technology is rapid, it is not enough to push prices down to a level that would induce a wholesale shift from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles.

A model based on leasing of batteries, with accessible options for swapping discharged batteries at convenient points along the bus routes, is what is required.

Quality, predictability of service and the requisite infrastructure to ensure availability of batteries would need to be ensured.

At the same time, this model will need to be financially viable to ensure that a sizeable number of companies provide leasing, swapping and recharging facilities.

The drive to popularise electric vehicles should not give rise to new monopolies.

But making electric vehicles less expensive cannot be the sole aim of this programme.

 Lower cost will guarantee an expansion in the market, and this should not become captive to the industry that will emerge around battery leasing.

The government needs to ensure that the financial relief, and the expansion of the market, becomes an incentive for Indian institutions and companies to invest in research, development and innovation in battery technology.

Make in India must happen in power storage as well.

Apart from “ leasing / swapping “ of batteries ( with each “ Petrol Filling Station “ becoming a  “ Battery Swapping Stations “ ? ) , here are other alternatives :


Electric buses in Italy are being recharged at bus stops while passengers get on and off . The electric vehicle industry has adapted induction power transfer ( IPT ) so cars can be charged wirelessly without a typical charging infrastructure

Instead of one huge meal for breakfast, these buses munch on electricity hundreds of times a day

Wireless charging essentially untethers electric vehicles . Because they are replenished many times a day, they can use a smaller battery

{ Source : “ Clean Disruption “ by Tony Seba / pg: 109 }

If , for umpteen reasons ,  Bus Companies cannot embed wireless charging plates into the roads ( at each bus stop ) , it is certainly possible to do so at Bus Depots where buses get parked .
Bus Depots , themselves will be covered with Solar Panels and store the generated power in PowerPack Storage units ( of TESLA ), for wireless charging of buses at night


     Not only are batteries getting smaller , they are getting ever more powerful

     And in two years ( at the most ) , we will have batteries that can be recharged in
     5 minutes – faster than it takes to fill up a petrol tank !

     Today , most vehicles carry a “ spare “ tyre . Tomorrow , they will carry “ spare “


Do not rule out Manoj Bhargava ( BillionsinChange ) coming out with his next generation ( V 2.0 ) electricity generating bicycle to be able to re-charge such small / quickly rechargeable batteries , right in your garage or housing society compound !


 As a part of a strategy to generate additional revenues , expect GYM owners to install BillionsinChange bicycles replacing regular tread-mills – allowing any stranger ( not a regular customer ) to generate electricity while improving their health !  without paying fees / subscription !

29  April  2017