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27 June 2013

Thursday, 31 March 2016

From Waste to Wealth ?

On 29 March 2016 , the Environ Ministry ( Central Government ) notified ,

" The Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules "

On this occasion , environment minister , Shri Javadekar said :

*  It is an initiative to tackle effectively the issue of pollution. Without any rules, it is dumped in open spaces , drains, rivers, forest areas, landfills and roadside

The basis of our new rules is recover , recycle and reuse

We can make tiles , pipes from it

Segregating construction and demolition waste and depositing it to the collection centres for processing will now be the responsibility of every waste generator  "

Dear Shri Javadekarji :

Your initiative to reuse construction / demolition waste has the potential to solve the problem of constructing 50 million " affordable homes " by 2020

And , I think , the Chinese firm WinSun Design Decoration Company, should be made an EQUITY partner in a SPV to construct these homes

Here is why :

 #   On 29 March 2014 , WinSun constructed 10 , 3D printed houses ( 200 sq meter each) in Shanghai, each costing $ 4,800 (approx Rs 3 lakh)

#    On 17 July 2015 , using its 3D printing technology , WinSun built a 2 storey villa , in just 3 HOURS  !

#    WinSun holds  98  patents for CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS

#    For 3D printing of houses , WinSun , mostly uses recycled construction materials


      *    30% -60 % of building materials

      *    70 % of production time

      *    80 %  of construction cost

#   Egypt Government has placed on WinSun , an order for supplying 20,000 pre-fabricated , 3D printed houses

#   In Egypt , WinSun will establish 12 Dream Factories ( to build pre-fabricated houses ) , within 2 years

     These factories will mostly use  DESERT SAND  as its main construction material , which was found ideal for 3D printing of houses

#   In next 3 years , WinSun will set up ( in JV with local parties ) , similar factories in 20 countries , including Saudi Arabia , UAE , Qatar , Mexico , S. Korea , Russia , Morocco , Tunisia , and USA

With the current slowdown in economies around the world and in the Chinese economy in particular , I think WinSun should be more than happy to invest in India

What Fox Conn is doing to transform the Electronic Industry in India , I believe , WinSun can do for the Construction Industry


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01  April  2016


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