Thursday, 24 March 2016

Enemy from within ?

No doubt , many of us think of following in terms of potential external enemies of India :


*  North Korea's Nukes

*  Terrorists coming across Kashmir Border

*  Chinese Army poised across Arunachal Pradesh......etc

But the moot question is :

Who needs these " potential external enemies " when we have the following cancers silently spreading into our Society's innards ?

*   Drug (heroin ) smugglers in Punjab

*   Manufacturers of fake medicines

*   Hootch makers killing the poor

*   Legislators opposing " Representation of Women Bill " for 30 years

*   Political Parties refusing to reveal finance sources to Public under RTI

*   Netas spending Rs 15,000 cr of Black Money for elections each year

*   Ministers siphoning funds meant for irrigation projects

*   Well-heeled industrialists refusing to repay Rs 4 lakh*crore loans to
     banks , even as farmers owing few thousand rupees commit suicide !

*   Politicians filling up SYL canal, under construction for 35 years !

*   Some college students shouting : Bharat Murdabad
     and power-hungry politicians defending it as " free speech " !

*   Voters are urged to polarize along lines of caste /creed / religions

*   Justice is so slow , court cases outlive suffering humans

*   Hungry is put behind bars for stealing Rs 100 but rich get away for
     stealing Rs 100 cr !

*   Pollution kills only the poor ; rich don't get exposed to fumes of their cars

What is our chance of getting killed by one of those " External Enemies " listed above ?

May be " One in a Billion "

And by those " Enemies Within " ?

Close to " One in a Hundred " !

Don't expect any Political Party to talk of defeating these " Internal Enemies " in their Election Manifestos  !

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