Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Don't Want to Pay Taxes ?

An interview in Hindustan Times ( 02 March 2016 ) quotes Shri Jayant Sinha ( Minister of State for Finance ) as follows :

" People in India don't want to pay taxes .

In many societies, people recognize that you have to have a level of taxation for society to flourish

India's top tax rate now is 35 % for the super rich , which is very much on the low side

In the US, depending on the state , it is above 50% .

Our tax to GDP ratio is 16-17% , China has 21-22% , while the US has 25%.

 The OECD average is 35% 
That is why we are not able to provide the public services people need

We don't have enough resources . 

The citizens have to decide the kind of society they want  "

HT report also mentions that Shri Sinha is an MBA from Harvard and also headed a consulting firm before becoming a Minister . 

So , we must pay attention to his views

Especially , his view that " People in India don't want to pay taxes "

But if he were to ask these people , " Why don't you want to pay taxes ? " , they would tell him :

Sir , for all the taxes that we patiently paid for past 68 years , what public services have we got  ?

Sure , you ( NDA / BJP ) may not be responsible for the TRILLIONS of tax rupees that the Establishment and the corrupt politicians pocketed over these years ,

But then , don't blame us for having lost ALL faith in  government's ability to use our tax money for delivering any worthwhile public service !

Will you please care to also compare the public services that people in those other countries get from their respective governments , with the service that we get in India ?

Your comment that we don't " want to pay taxes " , comes as an insult . We feel like crying at this humiliation !

We wish , you were a little more charitable !

At least as charitable as you have been to those hundreds of rich people who are enjoying their holidays in Europe while defaulting on repayment of Rs 4 lakh*crores worth of loans !

If Bapu were around , he would have launched a " Satyagraha " and told people NOT to pay taxes !

We would rather NOT pay taxes and use that money to get whatever service that we want, directly from non-government agencies in private unorganized sector - agencies ,

*  which we don't have to VOTE for 

*  over which we have total  CONTROL

*  with whom we can negotiate the  QUALITY / QUANTITY / DELIVERY TIME / PRICE of service that we expect

*  which we can  SACK  at will at short notice

*  whom we pay , " AFTER " the delivery of DESIRED service

Dear Shri Sinha :

Just abolish Personal Income Tax and let us fend for ourselves  !

We will be happy to start paying income tax once again , if public services reach even 50 % of what the government of US delivers to its citizens  !

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02 March  2016


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