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27 June 2013

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Whom to Train ? How to Train ?

A report in Economic Times ( 24 Feb ) talks of the exercise undertaken by NITI Aayog to ,

*  Map the skill requirements of 22 industry sectors ( " Make in India" listing )

The exercise is expected to be completed in 6 months , after which , NITI Aayog will prepare a sector wise road
 map with targets to be achieved across sectors in the given time

The road map will lay down a process for training ( skilling / re-skilling ) some 402 million youth by 2022

The report adds that the Skills Ministry ( headed by Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy ) has outlined :

*  1500 job roles ( like trade classifications / vocational designations ? )

*  6,700 qualifications ( job descriptions  ?  )

I suppose much of those trainings will be imparted in following Industrial Training Institutes ( ITIs )  :

*  13,105   ( existing as on 2014 )

*    1,150   ( set up by Skills Ministry in 2015 )

*    7,000   ( targeted to be set up in 2016  )


In India , we have :

*   4300   Degree level Engineering Colleges

*     700   Diploma level Engineering Colleges

All of these colleges have WORKSHOPS equipped with different types of machines needed for " Skills Training "

These ASSETS are used / occupied only for a maximum of 8 hours ( daytime ) and remain idle for 16 hours

Through a partnership with these colleges , NITI Aayog should consider using these UNDER-UTILIZED assets for
 imparting skills to those who need

Such an arrangement will :

*  Enable NITI Aayog to accelerate this program , without a long mobilization time

*  Save thousands of crores of rupees in constructing new buildings / buying new machines

*  Boost " Make in India " initiative by making available skilled manpower at short notice

*  Increase ASSET UTILIZATION of scarce resources

*  Foster INDUSTRY - EDUCATION INSTITUTES cooperation through closer interaction

*  Enable College Faculty involved to earn extra income through charging PLACEMENT FEES to industry

What  about  Schools  ?

*  We have 1.3 million schools in India . But these schools do NOT have workshops / machinery

*  Between them , these Schools have millions of class rooms which too remain unutilized for 16 hours per day


*   Ask Sundar Pichai ( Google ) to convert all of these Schools into Wi-Fi Hot Spots ( of course , free of cost ! )

*   And Tim Cook ( Apple ) to provide iPAD-Pro tablets ( no doubt , free ! )

*   And Satya Nadela ( Microsoft ) to provide software support ( ex-gratis  ! )

Then use these 1.3 million schools to provide basic COMPUTER SKILLS to future DATA ENTRY OPERATORS

Where there is a WILL , there is a WAY ( even a Super Highway , if there is a Political Will )

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03  March  2016


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