Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Missing The Disease ?

Symptoms :

Demonstrations / Agitations / Morchas / Militancy ( add your choice )

Disease  :

Injustice / Inequity / Exploitation / Corruption / Denial of Service ( add )

History  :

*  In pre-historic times ( stone age ), everybody had equal " opportunity "

*  In Medieval ages , Kings / Lords enriched themselves with slave labour

*  During last 200 years, machines replaced slaves and rich/poor gap widened

*  Rich people ( later, Banks owned by rich ) lent money to other rich , enabling them to
    control " Natural Resources / Means of Production / Means for creation of Wealth "

*  Rich / Poor gap became a Moat surrounding invisible " Forts /  Islands of Riches "
*  Religion became a tool in the hands of the Rich who asked priests to preach :

    " Resign to your Destiny - even if that means living in abject poverty . It is God's will "

*  Kings ( and later on States ) too became subservient to the CAPITALIST ORDER , serving
    the interests of the rich only . After all , the Rich could finance those land-grabbing wars !

*  75 years ago TV arrived and it started exposing the life-styles of those rich to the poor

*  Then came Internet / Mobile / Social Media and poor got appalled to know how rich/ poor
    gap continued to widen with arrival of each year , when finally it came to a stage where
    ONE percent of World's people garnered 90 percent of World's wealth !

*  Poor also learned how the State Bureaucracy conspired with the rich to deny them even
    their " Right to a dignified Life " - by denying them " Equal Opportunities "

*  How else can we explain , Naxalite movement / Reservation movement etc ?

I hope the Bureaucracy wakes up and recognizes that " Intolerance is only a Symptom "

Inequality / Injustice / Inequity are the Disease  !

Suppressing the symptom does not make the disease to go away

It only resurfaces in another part of this body that we call , " Society "

Please , do not wait till the poor / dying people , sleeping on footpaths outside our homes , just walk into our bedrooms one day and say :

" We have had enough  !  We are not going to leave / vacate your comfortable homes "

And when 100 million poor decide to occupy our homes simultaneously , no police or military will be able to stop them !

Ye ! The Rich , the Powerful , the Elected  , the Youth ,  of India  !

Open your eyes and see how millions of poor / starving people from war-torn Syria / Iraq / Afghanistan / Yemen / Nigeria / Congo / Libya  etc are OVER-RUNNING the Europe

They are crossing a moat called Mediterranean Sea and nothing can stop them  !

Our bedrooms are not that far  !

How long will we close our eyes to some 3600 + children ( under age 5 ) , die EVERYDAY due to starvation , in our beloved BHARAT MATA  ?

Please , do not charge me with sedition

I have learned my patriotism / non violence at the feet of BAPU and fought the British for our freedom in 1942

Now , it is  YOUR  turn to free  OUR  country from POVERTY

Bharat Mata ki Jay  !


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23  March  2016


Make    Yourself    Heard

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