Saturday, 12 March 2016

OMG , let me protect you !

A Spanish proverb says :

" If you want to make God laugh , then tell him about your plans "

When I visited Akshardham Mandir ( Delhi ) on 10th March 2016 , I could hear Lord Swami-Narayana laugh  !

Why  ?

One lone soldier with a rifle was at its entrance , guarding a 100 acre complex , teeming with thousands of visitors

And the EXIT gate ( next to the ENTRANCE gate ) was wide open and totally unguarded , from where any number of terrorists can walk in , without any one so much as bothering to ask a question !

This , despite the fact that only a few days back , Government had issued a HIGH LEVEL ALERT for terrorist attacks on prominent religious places  !

Now , of course , we Indians firmly believe that

*   GOD is without a beginning , without an end and indestructible 

*   GOD does not reside at any one particular place ( Ayodhya included ), but pervades every atom in the entire universe

*   GOD protects us and not vice-versa !

Hence no surprise that Lord Swami-Narayana was laughing at the government plans to beef up security to protect HIM  !

But , what about the security of those thousands of visitors ( half of them foreigners visiting mega cultural event of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , the next day ) ?

I am afraid the only thing we are good at is, appointing a committee " to look into the causes of the massacre " , after the event !

I request Shri Doval to make incognito visits of all of our major religious places !

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13  March  2016

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