Tuesday, 15 March 2016


In the epic story of RAMAYAN , following incidence is described :

After Sita's abduction by Ravana , Lord Rama invaded the isle of Lanka with his army

A fierce battle followed

At one point , when Ravana feared that he might lose the battle , he asked two of his ace warriors , Ahi-Ravana and Mahi-Ravana to go and fight Rama

When an arrow of Rama hit these brothers , hundreds of drops of blood would fall on the ground

But , horror of horror !

From each drop of blood, arose another clone of Ahi-Ravana / Mahi-Ravana !

So , a hundred drops of blood gave rise to another hundred demons !

And when Rama's arrows hit those hundred demons and shed ten thousand drops of blood , ten thousand demons got multiplied !

There was no way , Rama could win this battle

So , he asked Vibhishan ( pious brother of Ravana who had defected to Rama's side ) :

" Vibhishan, what is the secret behind this chain reaction ? "

Vibhishan replied :

" A wasp ( bumblebee ) delivers the Nectar from a Fountain of Immortality located in Pataal ( the nether world ) and sprays on each drop of blood of Ahi-Ravana / Mahi-Ravana, which gives birth to yet another clone "

Immediately , Rama dispatched Hanuman to go, destroy the wasp

That done , killing Ahi-Ravana / Mahi-Ravana was easy

Proud Indians will proclaim that here is the proof that we Indians invented the following :

*    Cloning through Stem Cell reproduction

*    Delivery using drones

*    Controlled Chain Reaction

*    3D Printing

*    Nano Technology

*    Mass Production of Living Organisms

*    Discovery of Anti-aging Genes / DNA

*    Viral Marketing

*    Anything else that you want to claim that West copied up from us  !

I am glad that our tech geeks setting up Start Ups don't buy this !

They are busy innovating things that help 200 million poor and jobless youth of India ( whose tribe is growing at 12 million per year ), to become self employed , in order to earn a honest living

Makes me wonder :

If those Rs 7 lakh*crores of NPA , were recovered , how many Start Ups can be helped ?

At Rs 1 lakh per Start Up , that would be 7 Crore Start Ups  !


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16  March  2016


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