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Citizens' Grievances ?

Following is a news report from DNA ( 03 March 2016 ) :

"  Citizens' grievances against the central government ministries have increased over three fold in 2015 as compared to the previous year

A total of over 8.81 lakh complaints have been received by the government , which attributed the surge to a number of citizen friendly measures

These grievances were received online through Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System , against central government ministries

This was a written reply in Lok Sabha given by Shri Jitendra Singh , Minister of State for Personnel , Public Grievances and Pensions  "

I wonder if that reply provided following " Analysis " :

*  No of Complaints : Ministry wise / Public Service wise / Period wise / Pendency wise

*  Ave time / Max time / Min time , taken to redress the complaints

Leaving that aside , Shri Singh may want to consider the following :

*  In a population of 1.25 BILLION , not more than 200 million can access the govt web site through a computer ( no internet connection )

*  Even those who may find the concerned web site after a lot of online search as I did ( ) , they will get stumped / overwhelmed by the GRIEVANCE SUBMIT FORM !

*  As against this , we have already 200 million persons having smart phones and that number will reach 651 million in 3 years ( all internet-connected )

In light of this , I request Shri Singh to consider implementing my suggested mobile app , described below in my blog [  29 Dec 2012 ]  :



That could be the name of an android app

( I Seek It Now > < U Solve It Now )

To be developed by India’s Central Home Ministry for successful implementation of proposed,

“ Delivery  of  Services  Act “

The app will come pre-installed on those mobile phones which Government of India plans to distribute FREE , to some 400 million “ Poor People “ of India , before the 2014 National Election (and on those 220 million Aakash Tablets )

Issuer will enter the Mobile No and that person’s Aadhar Card No, in a computerized central database , before issuing the phone

Hence , no need to login to the App , whose screen will read :

 I wish to send my complaint to the following department :

·                  National Commission for Women

·                  Garbage Clearance

·                  Water Supply

·                  Electricity Supply

·                  Roads Repair

·                  Rationing ( Food Distribution )

·                  Police

·                  Bus Transport

·                  Railways

·                  Post

·                  Employment

·                  Education

·                  Irrigation

·                  Building Permits

·                  Revenue / Land Records

·                  Anti Corruption

·                  Other ……………………………………….etc

(List should not exceed 50)

Touching name of any department name will open a SMS message box where the user will type out his complaint ( in a language of his choice )

There will be option to speak-out and record voice message , for illiterate users

Touching SEND button will transmit the complaint and within minutes, user will receive SMS reply , giving,

·                  Name of Officer responsible

·                  Office Landline No

·                  Mobile No

·                  Email Id

·                  Complaint No

·                  Expected date of solving

Bingo !

Then publish online , a tabulation of departments , arranged in the descending order of the no of complaints received / cleared / pending

This frugal innovation will bring in Good Governance all over India

Request Nandan Nilekani / Sam Pitroda to help out , even though they may be busy implementing my earlier suggested app , 


I have no doubt that the political party which promises , “ I SIN >< U SIN “ ,  will get voted to power in 2014 (now change this to 2019 )

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04  March  2016


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