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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

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27 June 2013

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Manoj Bhargava : My Hero

Hardly a day passes without reading news of inventions / innovations , that will solve , a country's or the world's energy problems in such a way that pollution and global warming , will go down

Most of these focus on renewable energy, as an answer to these problems

But , many of these innovations face following hurdles :

*   They require huge investments , beyond the reach of common man

*   They depend upon sources which fluctuate thru the day ( Sun / Wind )

*   Their conversion efficiencies are rather low ( 20 % or so )

*   These devices themselves need to be fabricated in large factories

*   These devices need large " Battery Storage " ( when no wind or sun )

*   At least in case of wind power , output needs to be fed into a grid

*   Need long lead-times for installing / commissioning

*   Need large land area ( impossible for a poor person needing power )

All these hurdles get overcome by an innovation that Manoj Bhargava ( www.BillionsInChange.com ) has come up with , in the form of a simple bicycle driven electricity generator ( costing around Rs 10,000 / - ), and which can be fabricated by any tiny workshop in a small town

When pedaled for one hour , it produces ( and stores ) enough electricity to light up 12 bulbs of 100 Watts each , for 24 hours !

Some 15 / 20 such contraptions are under testing for past 2 months , in villages of North India

Villagers are simply amazed / awed / inspired  !

My suggestion to Manoj :

Can you come up with a slightly bigger version ( but with same simplicity of working ) , that can power :

#   Small Domestic appliance ( Mixer / Grinder / Fan / Fridge / Oven / TV )

#   Small Industrial tool ( Handheld drill / Soldering Iron / Welding Set )

#   Small Commercial gadget ( Xerox / Printer / POS device / Card Reader  )

#   Self Employment Device ( Car Battery Charger/including for Elec Cars ? )

#   Agricultural Device ( Water Pump / Thrasher / Cold Storage )

#   Physical Fitness Device ( Tread Mills in Gyms )

And two more request to Manoj :

#   To set in motion a REVOLUTION of unparallel dimension , enable anyone
      to download from your web site ( after due registration ) ,  DESIGNS /
      MANUFACTURING  DRAWINGS , for all of your devices , FREE of cost  !

#    Where can I send a cheque for Rs 10 lakh ( 80 G or not ) , to set up 100
      jobless youth into dignified Self Employment , using your device  ? 

      You select them

Remember what Albert Einstein said about Mahatma Gandhi ?

“  Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth  ”

It is time to follow in Mahatma's footsteps  !


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22   May   2016


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