Monday, 9 May 2016

Incredible India ?

No doubt , that is how India must appear to our foreign visitors , when they open any Indian Newspaper , upon landing

May be they just cannot make out why Indians ( mostly MPs and MLAs ), waste such a lot of time and energy , discussing / debating :

*   Educational qualifications of Ministers ( including PM )

*   Entry of women into temples of Lady Saints / Deities

*   What people of different religions may ( or may not ) eat

*   Nationality / Patriotism of certain Political leaders

*   By what amount they should raise their own salaries

*   Whom - and when - to provide ( or withdraw ) Z security protection

*   Why certain leading Industrialist accompany PM on foreign tours

*   Why everyone MUST sing some patriotic song to prove patriotism

*   Why " YOGA " is ( or is not ) , a religious ritual / practice

*   Why religious teachers should keep away from societal issues

And then these Foreign Tourists get amazed when they discover that , these MPs and MLAs ( and sundry politicians who failed to make it to the Parliament ) , find no time to go out / visit 350 million Drought-affected citizens in 13 states and help dig wells / ponds to preserve water and prevent farmer suicides ( approx 60 per day )

I wonder if the person who coined the slogan " Incredible India " to attract Foreign Visitors , ever envisaged this " Impact India " !

Don't be surprised if a MP sends to Lok Sabha speaker , following starred question in ZERO hour :

 Will Hon Minister for Tourism explain what steps he has taken to promote India , as the ultimate destination for " Tamasha Tourism "  ?

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