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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

When Lawmakers Abdicate

Under our Constitution , only Legislative wing ( Lok Sabha + Rajya Sabha ) has the power to enact / repeal laws

Judiciary ( courts ) can only " interpret " the enacted laws

And , of course , strike down any enacted law which it considers " un-constitutional "

This arrangement worked fine some 50 years ago , when politics and economics of a country were fairly insulated from rest of the World

But today , economies of countries are becoming ever more dependent on one another and getting integrated tightly

International trade ( goods and services ), binds all the countries like a Spider's web ( - WWW is just a metaphor / a proxy  ! )

A thread of this web , touched upon anywhere, vibrates the entire web

Remember the CHAOS theory ?

A butterfly fluttering its wings in Brazil , brings torrential rains in India !

Political / economic / social decisions taken in one country , affect the entire World

Eg :

*  To produce more or less oil or freeze at current level

*  To impose trade tariffs to protect local manufacturers and jobs

*  To impose taxes on Foreign companies , different from on local units

*  To ban use of plastics / consumption of tobacco products

*  To accelerate generation of energy , using renewable sources

*  To prevent / limit arrival of migrants ( political or economic )

*  To build dams / impound waters of rivers flowing thru many countries

*  To lay sovereignty claims on sea-bed under Arctic / Antarctic

*  To assist local " rebels ( freedom fighters ? ) " in foreign countries

*  To sell tanks / bombs / guns / missiles etc to " friendly " regimes

*  To keep producing atmosphere polluting vehicles

I can go on and on

Any such decision ( more often, lack of decision ) , taken by any Society in the World , impacts the lives of millions of persons in other countries

And , unfortunately , the persons getting most adversely affected by such decisions , are POOR people , living in DEVELOPING countries !

Now , poor people of these affected countries ,  may have very little influence on the decisions being taken by the legislatures of other countries

So , they simply " Grin and Bear "  !

But the worst situation is when their own duly elected Members of Parliament / State Legislatures ( of their own country ) , fail to enact laws to protect them from the ill effects of the " Winds of Change " blowing thru their local economy


Is air pollution only affecting the people of Delhi ?

Is it not as bad in cities like Mumbai / Kolkata / Chennai / Bangalore etc ?

Why are MLAs of these States not enacting laws to control pollution ?

Why is Supreme Court passing orders ( diesel vehicles / taxies ) only for Delhi ?

Does Supreme Court think that citizens of these other cities are immune to the ill effects of pollution caused by diesel vehicles ?

Why are State Legislatures happy to " pass the buck " to Supreme Court ?

That is " Abdication of Responsibility " !


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11  May  2016


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