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27 June 2013

Monday, 23 May 2016

Redesigning Newspapers ?

With arrival of dozens of news-aggregating Mobile Apps , hard copy news-papers are in danger of getting " extinct "

What will news-papers look like 5 years from now ?

Here is my prediction :

#   All news will become digital

#   These may appear on your bed-room wall or on a foldable blank sheet of
      plastic ( display device ) , whenever you choose to ignore your Mobile .

      Of course , VR device makers would want you to wear a headset  !

Now comes the FUN part  !

Currently , most hard-copy news papers group their news on pages titled :

City  /  Nation  /  Global - International / Sports / Politics / Entertainment etc

Tomorrow's digital news will get aggregated under following genres :

Scam /  Fraud  /  Fiction-like  /  Irony / Insult / Arrogance / Hope / Reform / Red Herring / Shame / Bravo / Future / Ego / Introspection / Ridicule / Bravado / Boasting / Insensitive / Scorn / One-up-man ship / Holier-than-Thou / Absurd / Tongue-in-Cheek / Laugh / Deja Vu ...........etc

To show you how such " re-categorization " can be so much more fun - and interesting - , I have compiled a few recent headlines , as follows :


    Pak to charge Lakhvi


*  Shah : BJP will dominate
*  Diggy says : Congress binds India
*  Gadkari : Our Ministry will contribute 2-3% to GDP growth


*  Mumbai Top Cop to probe Dawood's calls to Maha Minister
*  Onus of fallen bldgs on Assistant Chiefs : TMC
*  No failure is permanent : Sonia to Cong
*  " Industry " coined from Indus , says VHP man


*   ED set to seize Mallya's assets
*   Bank Panel readies plan to resolve bad loan woes
*   Women's entry in Haji Ali gets Ajmer Sharif's support
*  Govt formulating scheme to provide compulsory power to all : says Goyal


*   City mono rail running Rs 20 lakh loss per day
*   Govt took back 900 acres of grabbed land
*   More than half of the newly elected MLAs are crore-patis
*   Varsity staff arrested for selling answer sheets
*   PWD redoes newly built stretch on EEH
*   Not many paying toll : IRB to NHAI
*   Despite 1521 complaints, BMC issues notices to only 81 sites


*   Son-rise interrupted, it's a bad heir day in politics


*   Sherpa climbs Everest for record 7th time
*   Kandivli woman chases , nabs molester


*   Push for vigil on dance bars
*   Septuagenarian couple having child , triggers debate
*   Kangana is 31 ( not 29 )
*   Rishi Kapoor : I am not against the Congress at all


*  Expect less flooding this year , says BMC
*  Irla Nullah de-silting is perfect , says Civic officials
*  Telgi case convict seeks court nod to travel to Canada for son's
*  Pak prosecution seeks autopsy reports for all 26/11 victims
*  Mumbai is rain ready , claims BMC
*  Civic body to launch new pothole tracking App on June 1
*  Black Money window not to accept " corrupt " money
*  Tharoor , Digvijay Singh ask Congress to attempt revival
*  Don't go slow on bad loan clean up : RBI
*  Consumers do learn from Ads
*  BMC attempts to stop sewage entry into Powai lake
*  Spot illegal sand mining in your area? Send email to Environment Ministry


*   Congolese killed in Delhi after brawl for auto
*   Live wire put up by Govt contractor , kills man
*   Iran women cut hair short to dodge moral cops
*   Conviction rate of ACB-Mumbai , dips to ZERO with acquittals in all 29
     bribery cases


*   A wristband gives shock if you overspend
*   Google's sticky cars to pick up pedestrians they crash into 

Now , why do newspaper EDITORS want to wait for going digital ?

May be , following extract from Marshall McLuhan's book ( The Medium is the " Massage " - a typo for " Message " ) , will help them make up their minds :

" The Medium is the Massage demonstrates how modern media are extensions of human senses; they ground us in physicality, but expand our ability to perceive our world to an extent that would be impossible without the media ."

I am sure , as soon as just ONE newspaper experiments with this REVOLUTIONARY FORMAT , others will try to catch-up !

This format is designed to appeal to the sentiments and emotions of the readers , what Marketing Guru , Jack Trout describes as :

" Positioning is the place a product occupies in consumers' minds relative to competing products ". 


24  May  2016

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