Friday, 6 May 2016

Ignoring History ?

History teaches us that people don't like sudden / abrupt / big changes , whether these affect them socially , politically /  economically or , even emotionally

Changes that happen slowly / gradually / minimally , over a period of time , are much more palatable / acceptable and get assimilated into the psyche without causing a trauma

But then , if such gradual changes fail to take place - or get caused over a long period of time , by people responsible - then it becomes imperative to introduce sudden / big changes even at the risk of inviting anger of the people affected

Here is just one example of what happened / is happening , and what could have been done over a long period , to avoid anger / demonstrations / militancy / strife / human misery :

#   Could we have ensured timely completion of construction of
dams / irrigation canals / interlinking of rivers etc to ensure that areas needing water got it and drought / flooding got avoided ?

If so , could we have avoided delivering water in trains and tankers ?

Could we have dug thousands of small ponds / reservoirs in each and every village to retain water and thereby raise ground water level ?

Just ask what our MPs and MLAs could have done over the past 65 years , to avoid / eliminate following problems :

*   Ever growing demand for " Quota / Reservation "

*   NPAs threatening bankruptcy of banks

*   Impending closure of PSUs , making losses for 40 years

*   Cheap Chinese imports flooding our markets / causing job-

*   Effluents from chemical plants / tanneries and sewage ,
    turning all of our rivers into gutters

*   Pollution from fossil fuel power stations / construction / diesel
     vehicles , making our air , un-breathable

*   Reckless iron ore mining turning our forests into waste-land

*   Wrong taxation policies encouraging people to evade taxes
     and generate BLACK MONEY

*   License / Permit Raj , leading to bribes and corruption

*   Layers upon layers of government employees ( 32 lakh ),
     resulting in denial of each and every civil service

*   Outdated - and complicated - judicial processes , coupled with
     insufficient number of judges,  ensuring non-delivery of
     justice ( with 30 million pending cases - which will take 300
     years to clear ! )

*   60 million people dying every year thru cigarette smoking

I can go on and on !

It is not too late to draw up a 10 year  ACTION PLAN for solving each of the above-mentioned problem and commit to making just 10 % improvement per year

Better late than never  !

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