Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Not that I love Caesar less !

After stabbing Caesar in the back , in a town-hall meeting , Mark Antony defended himself by proclaiming :

 "  Not that I love Caesar less but that I love Rome more  "

These days , our Supreme Court seems to be saying :

"  Not that we love Lok Sabha less , but that we love Indians more !  "

Of course , our Parliamentarians are not amused !

Remember , how all of them ( including those bitterly opposing Women's Representation Bill , for past 37 years ) , in a rare gesture of unity , applauded Shri Jaitleyji , when he said :

" Supreme Court is demolishing the sovereign power of Parliament , inch by inch / brick by brick

In a deliberate and gradual manner , Supreme Court is taking over the function / responsibility of the Legislative Wing and dictating administrative actions "

{  I do not recollect the exact words but you get the spirit  }

Dear Shri Jaitleyji :

At any other time , I would agree with you

But these are no " ordinary " times !

And fortunately ( for NDA ) , none of these bad times , are of your creation !

Please , try to understand that the Supreme Court's frustration ( and , consequent " judicial activism " ) , arises out of 68 years of post-independence " Slavery " that millions of Indians have suffered at the hands of successive Congress Regimes

When Supreme Court directs the government to set up SITs  for ,

*  Black Money

*  Corruption

*  Various Scams

*  Cases of Dis-proportionate Assets

*  Farmers' suicides for inability to repay meager loans ( 17,000 per year )

*  Enforcement of Food Security Act ( to save 3700 + children , dying due to
    starvation , EVERY DAY )

*  NPA of Rs 13 lakh*crore ( mostly from willful defaulters )

*  60 lakh ( totally avoidable ) deaths per year , due to smoking

*  Blindness caused by Arsenic-laced ground water

*  Poor families feeding grass-root rotis to their starving children

*  Khap Panchayats ordering " Honour Killings "

*  State Assembly ordering filling up of Sutlej-Yamuna Canal

etc ....etc ,

please accept these directives with humility !

And , tell the voters that you are trying to undo the SINS of several decades, committed by the MASTERS that people themselves voted for  !

But , please , do not punish the voters by ignoring / not implementing these directives . They have learned their lessons and given YOU the mandate !

If anything , through PRO-ACTIVE measures , help Supreme Court get back to happily doing what it does best - viz: interpreting the laws


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17  May  2016


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