Sunday, 1 May 2016

Transparency : The Biggest Reform

Since assuming power 2 years ago , NDA government has carried out many reforms , having deep impact on social and economic matters ( - regrettably , hardly any reform to our parliamentary political system or in our electoral system )

I believe , THE reform that brings about other reforms , is TRANSPARENCY in the working of the government , mostly through ONLINE INTERACTION between the government departments and the citizens / businesses

Take a look at the following :

*    Auction of Spectrum

*    Auction of Coal Blocks / Oil - Gas Blocks

*    Auction of UMPP power projects / Solar Power Projects

*    Bidding / tendering for Highway Projects

*    Bidding for Defense Projects

*    Grant of Building Construction Projects

*    Grant of Environment Clearances

*    Registration of Companies / Start Ups

*    Launch of Mobile Apps for lodging complaints for govt services

*    Jan Dhan Yojana bank accounts with zero deposits

*    Direct Transfer of Benefits to replace subsidies to middlemen

*    Availing of bank loans under MUDRA / STAND UP Schemes

*    Online applying for Government jobs through a web portal

*    Enforcement of Net Neutrality through public consultation

*    Involving Private Sector in big way in " Skilling of India " project

*    FDI through automatic route in many sectors

*    Encouragement of E Commerce sector

Not being Press Bureau or Public Relations Department of the Central Government , I am bound to have left out a few other examples of such Transparency

Nor do I have a user's perspective ( either as an ordinary citizen or as a businessman who has to deal with any government department ), to know how these Policy Initiatives have got actually translated on the ground

But I do know that NDA government has been " less than a success " ( I am being as polite as I can ! ), when it comes to :

*   Stopping future generation of BLACK MONEY and CORRUPTION

    {  It is simply futile to waste time / energy on trying to bring back the
        $ 501 billion siphoned out of country in last 10 years }

    One easy / administrative solution ( not needing passing of any law ), is
    to embed Rs 500 / 1000 plastic currency notes with RFID sensors

    And , if this simple step is coupled with TOTAL ABOLITION of Personal
    Income Tax , the resultant TRANSPARENCY will sustain our economic
    growth ( GDP ) , above 10 % , leading to elimination of Poverty in 10

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02  May   2016


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