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27 June 2013

Friday, 6 May 2016

Well Begun is Half Done

Following news report appeared in today's Hindustan Times :


NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) has inked a partnership agreement with social networking site Facebook to build a 'product design initiative’ in the country.

This nation-wide initiative by NASSCOM is aimed at offering focused programmes to build awareness around product design, training on design tools, design lab, awards, design sprints and mentorship.

This will be a flagship programme of the NASSCOM Product Council.
This will aim at supporting over 500 product start-ups on product design.

It will also focus on training over 5,000 product designers in the next two years.


Here is my suggestion ( sent to DIPP / ASSOCHAM / FICCI / CII / NASSCOM etc, in Sept 2015 ) :


 Role of MakeinIndia web site

    >  On its web site , list 5000 products that we currently import ( with
        annual import bill / sources / ave landed cost etc )

    >  Invite 1000 leading manufacturing companies of India , to make
        online selection of minimum of 5 items each, for preparing DPR
        ( Detailed Project Reports ) .

         Freely visible online database of who selected which items
        will avoid duplication


 Role  of  Manufacturing Companies

    >  Prepare and submit to Ministry of Commerce, at least 5 DPR  by
        Dec 2016 . More the merrier ! Earlier the better !

    >  Each report must carry , name of at least one bank which has
        accepted that as a " Bankable Report " , eligible for funding

    >  Train at least 100 fresh engineering graduates in various
         manufacturing related functions under GET ( Graduate Engineer
         Training ) Scheme  , each year

*   Role of Ministry of Commerce

   >  Publish DPRs on its web site for free downloading

 Role of  Income Tax Department

   >  Give 200 % tax deduction to existing manufacturing units for 2
       years , for employing fresh engineering graduates on their rolls ,
       under :

      " Graduate Engineers Training Subsidy Act - 2015 "
        ( to be enacted )

      This will motivate manufacturing units to impart manufacturing
      related experience to fresh engineering graduates before they
      venture to set up own  MSME factories
  >  Admit expenses incurred by manufacturing units for preparation of
      DPR ,under their CSR obligation ( 2 % of ave net profit for 5 years )

  >  Exempt all GET Start Ups ( registered on eBiz web site ) from
      paying Corporate Income Tax for first 10 years of working

  >  Exempt all GET Start Ups from GST payment ,  for 10 years

*   Role of Fresh Engineering Graduates

  >  Get GET Training Certificate from employer companies

  >  Download DPR from Commerce Ministry web site

  >  Apply for funding to banks , attaching DPR and GET Certificate

  >  Upon receiving Approval Intimation from bank , apply for various
      permissions on eBiz web site , quoting Bank Approval Number

 Role of ASSOCHAM / FICCI / CII etc

 >  Encourage their manufacturing member firms to take on the
     task of preparation of DPRs and follow up

>   Publish DPR reports on their web sites for free downloading

>   Constitute State-wise " Hand-holding Teams " of retired
     executives having " Manufacturing " experience , to guide the
     local GET applicants in obtaining all permissions from various
     State Authorities

 Role of eBiz web site

  >  To make available in public domain , all investment related
       applications , and progress status of each

 Role of State Governments

  >  To keep track of those eBiz investment applications where
       the State is the proposed manufacturing location

  >   Pro-actively reach out to such applicants for expediting their

All of the above need not / must not take months to materialize !


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07   May   2016


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