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27 June 2013

Friday, 13 May 2016

Four Sides of a Coin ?

25 million people of Syria wish , their coin had just two sides , even if it meant :

Heads I win , tails you lose !

Assad representing the " Heads " and ISIL representing the " Tails "

But they are not so lucky !

Their coin has four sides , the third being " Russia " and the fourth being " US " , both raining tons of bombs on their homes when Assad and ISIL await their turn !

No matter which side of this coin turns up , it always spells DEATH for the poor people of Syria

And they are asking these merchants of death :

From whom are you trying to save us ?

Do you realize that if all of you keep up your PROXY FIGHT for another 2 years , there will be none of us left , to be " saved " ?

And it is not only the Syrians

These PROXY WARS are being fought in Iraq / Afghanistan / Pakistan / Yemen / Nigeria / CAR / Sudan / Congo / Lebanon / Jordan / Turkey / Libya

The entire underbelly of Europe is on fire with groups of citizens fighting a so called " Civil War " , on behalf of other countries having secret agendas ( local Oil / Natural Resources / Military bases etc )

Have you ever wondered :

Most of these countries do NOT have any factories to produce Battle Tanks / Heavy Artillery / Missiles / AK 47 rifles / Rocket propelled Grenades etc  !

Many do not even manufacture simple rifles / pistols and bullets  !

So , who is supplying these weapons to people who don't have money to even buy a bread ?

And , if they have no money to pay for these armaments , who pays for them ?

Answer :

Of course , Foreign Powers are giving away billions of dollars of arms to these " CIVIL WAR FACTIONS " , free of cost  !

Sometimes , to all the " factions " , in turn !

The Arms Lobbies in these Foreign countries are so strong that they are blackmailing their governments / politicians / legislators , by saying :

" If you stop buying arms from us , thousands of our citizens will lose jobs .

In times when our local economy is shrinking and unemployment is rampant , you will be committing " harakiri " by stopping us from illegally exporting these arms "

Now , no politician wants to commit harakiri

He would rather let a poor Syrian commit suicide !

What these shortsighted politicians do not know ( or do not care to admit ) is that , within next 5 years , Europe will get run over by 10 million migrants

And no fence / Maginot Line , will stop them !


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14  May  2016