Sunday, 15 May 2016

15 Year Action Plan ?

As per news reports , starting 2017 , NITI Aayog will put an end to 5 year plans and come out with a 15 year ACTION PLAN

Some critics are bound to ask :

"  In a rapidly changing World , does it make sense to raise the planning horizon to 15 years , when social / political / economic and technological advances are making it difficult to see beyond , even one year ?  "

This argument can be best replied by the following encounter that I had with an Indian friend who is settled in America and is working for a Paper Manufacturing plant there , as Planning Manager

During one of his visits to India , we got to discuss that favorite management subject called , " Long Term Strategic Planning " for all types of " Inputs " that go into manufacturing of paper ( manpower / finance / raw materials etc )

Talking about how his company goes about ensuring a steady supply of 25,000 trees that his factory needs EVERY DAY , he said :

"  EVERY DAY , we plant 25,000 trees that we will need to cut and process , ONE HUNDRED years from now

  Our raw material planning cycle is ONE HUNDRED years  "

Simply because it takes 20 / 30 years for a tree to reach full height ( of 40 feet ), before it can be cut and fed as " raw material " to the plant

As to the soft copy ( digital version ) replacing hard copies of paper , he simply added :

"  Notwithstanding billions of computers , paper demand keeps growing !

May be not for writing , but for packaging / paper towels / napkins etc "

So much for need for a long term Planning Horizon

One of these days , I will write about the various steps of the Planning Process itself and the nature of an ACTION PLAN

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