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27 June 2013

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Two days back , newspapers reported that ,

*  By selling off the properties of Subroto Roy ( Sahara ), SEBI has managed to recover some Rs 11727 Crores

*  But it could find only a FEW claimants and could refund only Rs 55 crore so far !

Altogether , SEBI is claiming some Rs 37,000 crore from Subroto ( considering interest on those Rs 24,000 cr due to SEBI , 2 years back !

To know how SEBI will succeed in converting this BLACK MONEY into WHITE MONEY , read my following blog :


Thursday, 5 June 2014

Be-Sahara Shree ?

These days , Sahara-Shree Subroto Roy seems to be , Be-Sahara Shree  !

He is in jail for past 3 months or so

And Supreme Court won't let him out on bail , unless he deposits Rs 5,000 Crores in cash and furnish a surety bond of an equal amount

Then within a few weeks , Supreme Court wants him to hand over to SEBI , Rs 24,000 Crores that SEBI claims he raised illegally from " Public "

But Subroto says ,

" What public  ?

  I am ready to pay-off all of my depositors , if only , they would come forward to claim their deposits

I have raised , a few rupees each ( Rs 5 - Rs 10 ), from millions of small depositors , all of whom , gave their postal address as , " Delhi-Agra Road ", or  " Kanpur - Lucknow Road "

I just can't find them  "

Now , all of us ( Supreme Court and SEBI included ) , know that ,

>  Those Rs 24,000 Crores belong to politicians ( - most who got defeated in
     recent Lok Sabha elections ) , businessmen / bureaucrats / film stars etc

>  Each of them have given this in CASH to Sahara-Shree ( Range : Rs 10 -
    100 crores )

>   Sahara-Shree knows that they don't dare to publicly ask him to return
     their deposits . He managed to render them be-sahara  !

>   Neither Sahara , nor SEBI have true addresses of those fake depositors

So , what happens now  ?

>   Subroto will be forced to sell most of his properties to raise money

>   To ensure that there is no hanky-panky in sale of these properties ,
      Supreme Court may appoint some world-famous Real Estate
      Consultants to conduct e-Auctions for each of these assets

>    SEBI will have a windfall of Rs 24,000 Crores that no one wants  !

>    SEBI will deposit it with banks and earn a fat interest - for ever

I would say , a smart way to convert BLACK money into WHITE money  !


16  June  2016

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