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27 June 2013

Friday, 24 June 2016

Speedy Grievance Redressal ?

In 2011 , the then UPA government had introduced a bill called :

"  Rights of Citizens for Time Bound Delivery of Goods and Redressal of Grievances  "

After 5 years , that  bill has lapsed ( - had they passed it then , they could have been in power today ! )

Earlier this year , a group of Central Govt secretaries proposed a new avatar called :

"  Central Public Service Delivery Act  "

That is about to morph into , what will be called :

"  Delivery of Services and Redressal of Public Grievances Scheme " (  no need for a bill  )

Economic Times ( 21 June 2016 ) quotes Shri Jitendra Singh , Minister of State in the PMO , as follows :

"  This Scheme is at a very early stage of preparation . It will make service delivery and grievance redressal more time-bound and make officers more accountable "

When asked whether monetary penalties or adverse ACR entries will feature in the Scheme , Shri Singh said :

"  This is all being worked out "

As part of the Scheme, the government may introduce a column in the Annual Confidential Report ( ACR ) , of officers to assess their promptness in dealing with public grievances and their performance in delivery of services

This could mean a red mark in the records of the non-performing officers

While welcoming this long overdue measure , I strongly urge Shri Singh to make the entire process ,

#   Online and Automatic ( Mobile App based )

#   Impartial  and Non-biased ( No human intervention or control )

#   Authentic and Easy - to - Understand ( Graphical )

#   Results accessible to all citizens ( Transparent )

All that Shri Singh has to do , is to implement my following suggestion sent to Shri Narendra Modiji ( with copies to Madam Nirmala Sitharaman / Shri Amitabh Kant / Shri Shailendra Singh ) on 06 Nov 2014 :


 [  Source : www.hemenparekh.in > Blog dt : 29   Dec   2012 ] 



That could be the name of an android app ( I Seek It Now > < U Solve It Now )

To be developed by India’s Central Home Ministry for successful implementation of proposed,

“ Delivery  of  Services  Act “

The app will come pre-installed on those mobile phones which Government of India plans to distribute FREE , to some 400 million “ Poor People “ of India , before the 2014 National Election ( and on those 220 million Aakash Tablets )

Issuer will enter the Mobile No and that person’s Aadhar Card No, in a computerized central database , before issuing the phone

Hence , no need to login to the App , whose screen will read :


·                  National Commission for Women

·                  Garbage Clearance

·                  Water Supply

·                  Electricity Supply

·                  Roads Repair

·                  Rationing ( Food Distribution )

·                  Police

·                  Bus Transport

·                  Railways

·                  Post

·                  Employment

·                  Education

·                  Irrigation

·                  Building Permits

·                  Revenue / Land Records

·                  Anti Corruption

·                  Other ……………………………………….etc

(List should not exceed 50)

Touching name of any department name will open a SMS message box where the user will type out his complaint ( in a language of his choice )

There will be option to speak-out and record voice message , for illiterate users

Touching SEND button will transmit the complaint and within minutes, user will receive SMS reply , giving :

·                  Name of Officer responsible

·                  Office Landline No

·                  Mobile No

·                  Email Id

·                  Complaint No

·                  Expected date of solving


Then publish online , a tabulation of departments , arranged in the descending order of the no of complaints received / cleared / pending !

This frugal innovation will bring in Good Governance all over India

Request Nandan Nilekani / Sam Pitroda to help out , even though they may be busy implementing my earlier suggested app , 


I have no doubt that the political party which promises , “ I SIN >< U SIN “ ,  will get voted to power in 2014

( May be this now ought to read : ..... will get voted to power in 2019  !  )


24   June   2016

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