Thursday, 7 January 2016

Lessons from History ?

Courtesan of King Canute tried to flatter him by saying :

" Sire !  Tide will stop rolling in , if only you order it to do so "

King Canute was a wise man and knew that laws of Nature cannot be countered , even by a King

To drive home this point , he sat on a chair on the sea-shore and ordered the tide to stop

Sure enough , tide chose to ignore his wishes and wet his feet  ! Courtesan hid their faces  !

Some people in India are refusing to learn their lesson from what is happening all around the World as far as E - Commerce is concerned

They are asking the King ( fill in the name ! ) , to stop E Commerce in:

*    Multi-Brand Retail

*    Local Kirana shops

*    Medicines ( E Pharmacies )

*    Transport  (  Uber / Ola / Car Pooling / Aggregation )

*    Buyer / Seller online platforms for a multitude of services

*    Anything where current vested interests feel threatened

Not realizing that the following powerful forces ( working for E Commerce ) , are unstoppable :

*   13 million Retailers of the country ( includes Kirana shops ) want to sell " More and Farther "

     They want to be able to sell beyond 1 Km of their physical location ( their current limitation )

    Only way they can compete with their " Neighboring  Store ", is to sell " On line "

    Since most cannot afford to set up their own web sites , they will join Amazon / Snapdeal / Flipkart etc

*   Already some 100  companies have launched Mobile Wallets . Before long , every bank / ISP / MSP / NBFC / Trade Association / Hotel Chain / FMCG manufacturers etc , will launch its own Wallets

*   Soon traffic in cities will become so bad that it will render " Outdoor Shopping " impossible . People will prefer to shop everything on-line

*   Internet broadband will reach every nook and corner of India , making E Com web sites accessible to millions of rural people

*  By 2020 , every Indian will have a Smart Phone connected to internet 24*7

*  And by 2020 , at least some refrigerators will start replenishing on their own, by
   placing orders on most competitive online E Com web sites !

Internet of Things ( IoT )

*  Around the same time , Google / Amazon / eBay etc will start their own " Drone
    based " deliveries in 2 hours  !

*  Not to be outdone , many online E Com platforms ( web sites ) will come forward
    and install in your kitchen , a 3D printer , through which , they will deliver any
    product that your refrigerator wants replenished  !

*   Holograms will enable you to try out in the comfort of your homes , any item of
     personal wear !  So , why trudge to a physical store ?

Hiding your head in the sand is no way to avoid the incoming storm  !

Writing is on the Wall  !  Those who refuse to swim with the current are bound to sink  !

I am no Nostradamus but you may still want to look up my forecasts on, / Blogs

hemen  parekh

08  Jan  2016

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