Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Second Class Citizens ?

If you live in any city other than Delhi , you are a second class citizen  !

At least , the Supreme Court of India seems to think so  !

What else can explain its deep concern for the health of Delhi-ites , while choosing to overlook the fact that Diesel Vehicle Pollution is equally damaging the lungs of the lesser beings, living in dozens of other cities ?

Or does SC think that pollution related situation in these other cities has yet not reached a level of alarm ?

Or that time is not yet " ripe " for it to concern itself with future of the children of people living in these other cities  ?

Is it possible that SC is waiting for some citizens of these lesser cities to file a PIL  ?

May be SC thinks its "Judicial Activism" does not legitimately extend beyond the NCR ?

I fondly believe ( even now ) that for the Common Man of this country , SC is the only real " Maa - Baap " which steps in whenever the Government Officers / MLAs / MPs , fail to take timely decisions to protect the health of its Citizens , everywhere

I still very much believe that SC has , time and again , proved that it is the Court of Last Resort

I hope SC has read in papers ,the figures of AQI ( Air Quality Index ) in other cities

In any case , I hope that , on its own , SC will take SUO MOTO cognizance of this blog and treat it as a PIL to enlarge its recent orders to cover the rest of India !


If Hon Judges of the Supreme Court were to read the rest of my blogs at , ,

they may take SUO MOTO cognizance of many and keep aside PILs from Prashant Bhushan / Subramanian Swami  !


hemen  parekh

07  Jan  2015


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