Thursday, 21 January 2016


After staying in a US prison for 18 months, Rajat Gupta , former MD of McKinsey , is at home

Confined to his apartment and required to wear an ankle bracelet that monitors his movements

Some years back , a few Indian students studying in US , were also forced to wear such bracelets - ostensibly for tracking their movements

Last week , there was a news report that all foreigners entering India , will be given special SIM cards that they must install in their smart phones - enabling Indian Authorities to track their movements and to quickly locate a foreigner who overstays his stay

GPS satellites of USA / Russia / China enable their militaries to locate objects on earth , just ONE CENTIMETER apart  !

Medical technology will soon enable doctors to insert into brain , dissolvable sensors , which broadcast the firing of the neurons

But , it seems , Economists / Bankers / Politicians are slow to accept my suggestion to embed all Rs 500 / 1000 currency notes with RFID micro-chips which constantly broadcast those locations to Income Tax Authorities , wherever there is an accumulation of such currency notes , exceeding an aggregate of Rs ONE CRORE ( or whatever )

This is the ONLY / PRACTICAL / SIMPLE  answer to kill two birds with one stone

The bird of BLACK MONEY

And the bird of CORRUPTION

Read my full suggestion at : / Blogs 

*   How to Conquer Corruption 

*   A Network of Currency Notes

And let no one doubt the capability of  Indian Technologists to implement this in 6 months , if Shri Narendra Modi-ji was to mandate it

And this does NOT require begging the opposition to help pass any bill in Rajya Sabha !

Will any political party dare to oppose it , even outside the Parliament  ?


hemen  parekh

22  Jan  2016


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