Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Arvind Kejriwal wants to conquer the pollution in Delhi

He is asking Delhi motorists to drive their cars on alternate days , depending on their car number , ending with odd or even number

Some ( knowledgeable ? ) people are saying :

"  This is a hasty decision . It won't work . You have not analyzed the situation properly . There will be many problems . People will be inconvenienced ... "

But hardly any of these critics have any concrete / constructive / viable / near-term solution to offer  !

Many of these very people have been in power during the past 40 years , when they chose to ignore the problem

May be they hoped that the problem will disappear by simply ignoring ! Like an ostrich hiding its head under the sand  !

Or , maybe they got " Analysis Paralysis " ( - a chronic disease , rampant among our Policy Makers ! )

Sure , there will be some problems / inconveniences

But none as serious as pollution engulfing Delhi

None will be insurmountable

Each will bring its own solution !

Arvind ,

Do listen to people to uncover practical solutions

But , as Mussolini once said :

"  If you want to dig a well in the village , you should consult the villagers

    But if you have to declare a war against an enemy , you are on your own "

And , right now pollution is the biggest enemy of Delhi-walas


hemen  parekh

10  Dec  2015



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