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27 June 2013

Saturday, 12 December 2015

How to save Rs 5511 Crores

The Election Commission has over 9 lakh EVM ( Electronic Voting Machines )

After 15 years of usage, these need to be replaced

So , EC plans to buy 14 lakh EVM , at a cost of Rs 5511 cr

Each EVM costing Rs 39,364

Now , EC can save this amount ( and even earn Rs 20,000 cr ! ) , if only it spend Rs 5 cr to develop , the  Mobile App :  VotesApp : , which , in effect , converts every smart phone into a miniaturized / personalized , version of EVM  !

Those curious to know how VotesApp will work , may look up :


Vote will get recorded only when that Voter takes a Selfie - which will get matched automatically , with his Aadhar Card photo 

After reading , you may even want to file a PIL in Supreme Court for this Electoral Reform !


hemen  parekh

13  Dec  2015



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  1. Sir.. I have a query regarding this. No doubt, it would be a great idea to adopt but I have a serious concern. Keep other things aside, first of all I am sure that this APP VOTESAPP will require internet connectivity to download/operate/vote. Is it also possible to provide internet connectivity as well as smartphones to every voter in India as there are LESS THAN HALF OF THE POPULATION HAVING INTERNET ACCESS ? [https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/internet/420-million-to-access-internet-on-mobile-in-india-by-june-iamai/articleshow/58475622.cms]

  2. Dear Ravi ,

    You have a very valid concern but you will agree that , in the past one year ( since your comment ) , internet connectivity has considerably improved
    In another 4 years ( in time for 2024 general elections ) , this will cease to be an issue