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27 June 2013

Wednesday, 30 December 2015


It is said : Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Let us rephrase :  Essentiality is the Mother of Intervention

This is in response to Odd / Even driving rule being experimented in Delhi from Jan 1 2016

Equally applicable to any other city , threatened by vehicular emission pollution

This solution will be named : PollSolve

It will be in two parts , as follows :


All vehicles (existing and future registrations) to be fitted with a GPS locator ( compulsory )

Each of this locator will carry Vehicle Number ( hard-coded )

A software in Delhi Transport Department , will then , be able to track in real time , movement of each vehicle ( 24*7 ) , on several computer screens

If a Odd numbered vehicle is travelling on Even date , it will show up as a RED colored dot on the screen and through linkage with RTO records ,an automatic alert will be issued to the mobile phone of the nearest Traffic Police to catch / stop that vehicle and take that vehicle, off the road !

The owner / driver can take it back after one week of grounding !

This technology is available , commercially and off - the - shelf

Should not take more than 6 months to implement


Each citizen of Delhi will have to ( compulsorily ) download and install on his smart phone , an App called :  CarPool

He / she will enter following data in the App :

*   Name / Gender /  Aadhar Card No

*   Email Id / Mobile Number / Residence Address / Work-place Address

*   From / To ( in the morning ) / Starting Time of travel

*   From / To ( in the evening ) /  Starting Time of travel

*  If owning a vehicle , then :

    #  Vehicle type : 2 - 3 - 4 wheeler

    #  Fuel type     :  Petrol / Diesel / Electric

    #  Vehicle Capacity : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 persons ( including driver )

    #  Vehicle Number :

    #  Vehicle Registration Date ( to compute " Age " of vehicle )

    #  Serial Number of GPS locator fitted on vehicle ( must be unique / Mfrr to take care )

    #  CarPool Number (Unique Serial No allotted by App) : To be entered after joining a Pool

CarPool App will not accept the data ,nor get activated ,until Mobile Owner also keeps " ON "

the GPS location feature built into the phone

With this data , software will analyze / display , a list containing names / contact info of other citizens ( matched gender-wise ) , travelling on same , approximate " route " and the nearest pick-up points , on Google Map

Citizens will then contact other vehicle-owners and form a CarPool

Then , they will enter their CarPool Number ( as mentioned above )

The software will reanalyze / redisplay the list if any entered data gets EDITED later

After compiling data about ONE BILLION actual cumulative travels undertaken by each type of vehicle ( 2-3-4 wheeler ) , BIG DATA ANALYTICS software , will carry out ,

*  Millions of permutations / combinations of " Car Pool Universes " possible

*  Using ( updated version of ) " Karmarkar's Algorithm " , figure out the optimum Car Pool Universe which minimizes the overall pollution level in Delhi

 *  Calculate for each citizen , the " LEAST POLLUTING ROUTE " based on data compiled from the " Optimum Universe " and  send " Car Pooling Recommendation " to each citizen thru CarPool app

This could be somewhat like " Travelling Salesman Problem " in Linear Programming ( - improved versions could be found in Fuzzy Logic / Neural Network / Artificial Intelligence )

{ " Big data has the potential to make a huge impact on Public Services in India, as it will streamline the decision-making " : Stephen Brobst , Global CTO , Teradata Corporation }

Another suggestion :

If ODD / EVEN rule provides for 50:50 probability and reduces the no of vehicles on roads by 50 % , use of an algorithm which picks only 25 % of the car numbers from the database of cars , using a  RANDOM NUMBER TABLE , will reduce the vehicles on road to 25% !

And nothing " arbitrary " about a computer selection , announced 24 hours earlier !

This will eliminate the incentive to rush and buy a second car with either odd or even number !

Given the prevalent START-UP wave in India, any number of Indian Start Up companies would be happy to take on this " Two Part " challenge and implement in 6 months . 

It is the least expensive / permanent / replicable solution , suitable for the entire World

All that is required is a POLITICAL WILL and some genuine cooperation between Shri Gopal Rai ( Delhi Govt ) and Shri Nitin Gadkari ( Central Govt )

It is time to offer to the World , an INDIAN ANSWER to vehicular pollution


hemen  parekh

31  Dec  2015



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