Monday, 21 December 2015

How to conquer Corruption ?

There is only one sure - and superfast - way to get rid of corruption

By introducing :


    Putting behind bars ( - and right away ; not after 6 years ) , every corrupt fellow and
    immediately confiscating his ill-gotten wealth


    By abolishing Personal Income Tax and introducing Amnesty Scheme , incentivize

      #  converting of black money into white

      #  acceptance of all payments thru official channels

As far as providing " Negative Motivation " is concerned , I had sent following suggestion to our Hon Prime Minister / Finance Minister / other Ministers / Secretaries etc , on 4th Nov 2015 :


     As each currency note of Rs 500 / 1000 , is getting printed , embed it with microscopic
     RFID chips ( with this , current cost of a RFID chip will fall from 50 paise to 5 paise )

     Besides communicating with each other , these chips will also transmit their existence
     location , through internet , to cloud-based servers of Income Tax Department

     This will form a " NETWORK  OF  CURRENCY  NOTES ( NoC ) "

     You may like to call this Internet of Currency ( IoC ) , a sub-set of IoT  !


     Each Rs 500 / 1000 currency note must be assigned ( at the time of printing ) , its own
     unique Internet Address , using IP V 6.0

     This IP address should be linked with the unique Serial Number printed on each note.

     Since IP V 6.0 , will be capable of assigning   " 2 * 10 to the power of 128 ", no of  IP
     addresses , there is no danger of running out of addresses , even if we decide to extend
     this idea to Rs 100 currency notes !

Here are the most important BYE - PRODUCTs :

*   No more possibility of fake / forged / counterfeit , currency notes

*   No thief would ever want to steal such currency notes which continuously announce their

*   No one would want to make any " Cash Deal " . All payments will become official only !

*   Plastic currency notes will last 10 times longer !

This reform will enable the Central Government / Income Tax Department , to :

*    Continuously trace the movement of each of these higher denomination currency notes

*    Instantly locate any place ( using Google Map based GPS ) , where there is an
     accumulation of more than Rs 1 Crore worth of currency notes

     Such accumulation will be made to appear as a TAG CLOUD on the web site of IT Dept,
     like thousands of balloons floating on a map of India , capable of being drilled down to
     within 1 Sq Meter  ! Of course , visible only to IT officers ; not to general public !

     On each balloon , will appear a number announcing , " Amount of Cash here - Rs " !

     This will vastly simplify the task of Anti Corruption Dept / Enforcement Dept etc
Of course , RBI will need to allow 6 month's time to the owners of current paper currency notes of Rs 500 / 1000 , to get these exchanged with new plastic notes before withdrawal of the old notes from circulation

Implementation of this suggestion , does NOT require passing of any BILL in Lok Sabha or being held to ransom in Rajya Sabha !

And it can be implemented in India , within ONE YEAR

But if Chinese President Xi Jinping comes to know about the practicality of this suggestion , he might implement it in 6 months  !

How come ?

Simple !  Xi Jinping has the political will  ! And no historical baggage  !


hemen  parekh

22  Dec  2015



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