Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Delhi in Doldrums ?

A few days back , Delhi Government decided on odd / even driving rule for private cars in Delhi , from 1 Jan 2016

There was a lot of criticism

That was followed by National Green Tribunal , stopping registration of all diesel cars

More criticism

Yesterday , Supreme Court ordered to stop registration of diesel cars above 2000 cc , for next 3 months . SC also stopped entry of diesel trucks into Delhi . It also wants to double the " Entry Tax " on diesel vehicles

Earlier , some Ministry ( or was it RTO ? ) , banned all trucks ( whether Petrol or Diesel ) older than 15 years from plying anywhere in India , after 1st April 2016

Some 27 lakh trucks off the roads , at a time  !

What is happening ?

*   Is Supreme Court trying to take decisions which are purely " administrative " in nature and which should have been taken by the concerned administrative agencies , years ago ?

But never got taken because of vested interests or fear of being unpopular ?

Is this " concern " for only Delhi pollution , because the SC judges have to travel on Delhi roads and breathe that polluted air ?

Is that a Supreme Court of India or of Delhi ?

In the eyes of SC , are citizens of Mumbai / Chennai / Kolkata , lesser citizens  ?

*  Is Delhi Government using the excuse of some High Court order to prove " Holier than Thou "  ?

What about other - and worse - polluting factors such as Construction dust , Yamuna which has turned into a veritable gutter , burning of garbage etc ?

Is Delhi Government waiting for High Court orders in each case , before acting ?

*  Does NGT think that Delhi deserves banning of diesel cars because Air Quality Index in Delhi has crossed 350 ( safe index being 60 ) but other cities do not deserve such action till they too , cross 350 ?

 After all , they are at AQI of only 250  !

What is their hurry ? Can't they afford to wait till their pollution becomes life-threatening ?

Will someone file a PIL in Supreme Court for the poor people of " rest of India "  ?


hemen  parekh

17  Dec  2015



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