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27 June 2013

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Keep Going !

Hindustan Times ( 19 Jan 2017 ) carries following report with a headline :


" Maharashtra civic elections:Now, you can check candidate details at booths on poll day "

This civic election, you can choose your candidate after analysing their affidavit details on the polling day itself as this information will be available at your centres on February 21.

 You can take a look at the EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION of your candidates and you would also come to know if he / she has any CRIMINAL RECORD on a display board inside the centre.

Ahead of the CIVIC POLLS 2017, the local election authorities will put up display boards outside polling booths showing a summarised version of candidates’ AFFIDAVITS.

These affidavits will have the details of their name, age, education qualification, criminal records, assets and liabilities.

The state election commission (SEC) has made it COMPULSORY for all civic bodies to put up these display boards showing the details of all the candidates. There will be over 8,000 polling booths in Mumbai alone.

JS Saharia, state election commissioner, told HT: “According to the Supreme Court’s judgment, it is the right of every voter to know their CANDIDATES’ DETAILS and thus we will be asking the municipal corporations to put up a summary of the CANDIDATES’ AFFIDAVITS on polling day outside every booth.

It will be a practice that will be followed for all the elections.”


While congratulating the Mr Saharia , on this excellent initiative , I request him to persuade the Central Election Commission to initiate on its own , a dialogue among the political parties, to implement the following ELECTORAL REFORMS :

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*   One  Day  Polling  is  Possible  [  31  March  2016  ]  

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My Fellow Citizens ,

This will happen if 10 million of us , forward these suggestions to :

E-mail Address
Mr. Umesh Sinha
Deputy Election Commissioner
Mr. Sudeep Jain
Director General
Mr.Dhirendra Ojha
Mr. S.K.Mendiratta
Legal Advisor
Mr. Shangara Ram
Principal Secretary
Mr. Tapas Kumar
Principal Secretary
Mr. K.Ajay Kumar
Principal Secretary
Principal Secretary
Mr. K.F.Wilfred
Principal Secretary
Mr. Bernard John
Principal Secretary
Mr. Y.Standhope
Principal Secretary
Mr. S.K.Rudola
Mr. Varinder Kumar
Mr. Anuj Jaipuriar
Mr. K.N.Bhar
Mr. N.N.Butolia
Mr. Sumit Mukherjee
Mr.Harbans Singh
Mr. J.K.Rao
Under Secretary
Mr. Suresh Chand
Under Secretary
Mr.. A.N.Das
Under Secretary
Mr. B.M.Sharma
Under Secretary
Mrs. Baljit Kaur
Under Secretary
Mr. K.D.K. Verma
Under Secretary
Mr. S.B.Joshi
Under Secretary
Mr. P.K.Sharma
Under Secretary
Mr. darsuo Thang
Under Secretary
Mr. Malay Mallick
Under Secretary
Mr. Avinash Kumar
Under Secretary
Mr. Arvind Anand
Under Secretary


19  Jan  2017

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