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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

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Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Saturday, 28 January 2017

The Mini Wall of Mexico

Two days back, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to immediately start construction of a wall along the USA / Mexico border

The wall will be 1000 miles long , 50 / 60 feet high and take 5 years to build , at an
estimated cost of $ 14 billion. It might possibly employ 1000 workers

Despite being a mammoth project, this pales before the Great Wall of China, which stretches for almost 3900 miles along the northern border of China

That Chinese wall was built some 2000 years ago and engaged 1.5 Million labours over a period of 200 years

It is recorded that some 3-5 lakh soldiers were stationed along that Chinese wall to guard against invaders from the north

President Trump plans to post 5,000 border patrol along the wall to prevent entry into USA, of Mexicans in need of jobs and trying to escape poverty

Now Mr Trump cannot build a wall along the vast sea-coast of America , nor build a wall in the sky , to prevent internet penetration !

So, he has also threatened to drastically cut back on H1-B visas under which , currently some 300,000 Indian techies are working in USA , both for Indian and American companies

Trump has given to American citizens , a slogan : Buy American

And to American Industrialists , a slogan : Hire American

He does not realize that , through his Executive Orders ,

·         He cannot stop the march of Technology ( remember wise king Canute ? )

·         He has done a great service to India ! ( a blessing in disguise ? )

Here is how :

A poor family was eking out a living by selling the fruits that grew on a tree in their backyard

There was no need for anyone in the family to work , making all members lazy

A friend who realized that this situation would perpetuate the poverty , cut down the tree one night and ran away

In the morning, the distraught family realized that they can no longer depend upon the fruits of the tree for a living !

They all started working and gradually prospered !

I hope :

·        NDA government would seize this opportune moment , to turn India into,


Where I echo the vision of Shri Jayant Sinha  

 , so that Indian geeks sitting in small towns of India can remotely replace Americans working in their ,

  *    Farms and Factories

  *    Hotels and Hospitals

  *    Malls and Markets

  *    Roads and Railways

  *    Workshops and Warehouses

  *    Garages and Gardens

  *    Drones and Delivery Trucks ….etc

Any person starting a “ Back Factory “ operation which earns dollars through “ export “ of “ Remotely Delivered Services “ would be exempt from Corporate and Personal Income Tax for 10 years

It is time to get out of the way of these “ Self Employed “ to enable them to take on the World !

·        Shri Arun Jaitleyji would not simply  “ copy “ Donald Trump and make marginal / token reduction in Corporate Income Tax in his budget three days from now ,

     But , introduces what I have repeatedly suggested ,

     where , the greater the number of employees engaged by a Company , the lesser (   incremental ) tax rate on successive higher slabs / levels of employees

     Of course , no Indian company would simply hire more employees in order to take advantage of a lower tax rate but this will discourage them to resort to “ automation “ just in order to reduce manpower costs . It will be Indian Innovation to beat the malaise of  a “ Jobless Growth

·        Shri Jaitley announces measures to turn India into a ,


Thank You , Mr Donald Trump


29  Jan  2017