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27 June 2013

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Nitinbhai , question is : How ?

Business Line ( 21 Jan 2017 ) quotes Shri Nitin Gadkariji to have said :

" We are the fastest growing economy , but china is ahead of us in size . There advantage as also disadvantage is that they are a communist country and they do not have a democracy

In our country, we have democracy and the good thing is that the Modi-led government is investment friendly and development oriented.

Also, it is committed to fast-track decision making process and to make it a corruption free country

So, what we need to do is to work at China's pace in terms of our policies, our administration and at State levels

We need to implement all the necessary changes in the decision making process because we want to be the World leader and a global economic superpower "


Dear Nitinbhai,

I have no doubt that you read my following email ( dated : 12 Sept 2015 )

It is not enough to point out the NEED for faster DECISION-MAKING by Ministers / Secretaries / Judiciary / Administrators etc

Only WAY you will get them to decide fast ( and without fear ) , is to implement 

Policy Paralysis can be avoided  [  26  Aug  2016  ]

{ http://myblogepage.blogspot.in/2016/08/policy-paralysis-can-be-avoided.html }


Prakash / Piyush / Nitin ko Kyun Gussa aata hai ?

Because they keep looking at the following figures re CHINA and feel very frustrated !


Consumes approx 50 % of entire World's consumption of Steel and
    Cement , every year

*  Has built one brand new city every 20 days , during last 20 years

*  Plans to build one brand new city every 18 days for next 20 years

*  Plans to move 350 million rural people to these cities in the next 15
   ( some 2 million people every month ! )

*  Is building 3 * 1000 MW coal-based power stations , every month

*  Added 13 GW of Solar Power plants in 2014. Will take total installed
    capacity to 100 GW by 2018

*  Against India's GDP at $ 1.88 Trillion , China's GDP is $ 9.24 Trillion

*  Even if we manage to raise our GDP to 10 % per year , and even if
   China's  GDP were to decline to 7 % , it will take us a few decades to
   catch up with China

Of course , Prakash / Piyush / Nitin firmly believe :

*  Being able to  vote  freely and elect MP of your choice is  GOOD

*  Being able to form democratically  elected  Govt is  BETTER

*  Being able to  debate  issues in Lok Sabha is  BEST

But ,

*  Being able to save 1.6 million children ( under the age of 5 ) , dying
   from starvation every year ( 4,383 / day ) , is  DIVINE

Mahatma Gandhi once said :

" In the hands of starving , God appears in the form of bread "

Citizens of India are saying :

Our Beloved Netas ,

This coming Oct 2 , please save us from the spectacle of laying flowers on Bapu's samadhi !

Please shed your crocodile tears in the privacy of your homes !


22  Jan  2017

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