Sunday, 22 January 2017

Time to ditch Model Code of Conduct ?

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Sunday released the Samajwadi Party’s much-awaited election manifesto, a short while after sealing an alliance with the Congress.

Following are the highlights:

- Children from the economically weaker sections in primary schools will be given 1 litre ghee and milk powder every month

- Free medical services to those earning less than Rs 1.5 lakh a year

- Establishment of Kishan Kosh or farmers' fund

- Free smartphones under Samajwadi smart phone scheme

- Rs 1,000 per month to 1 crore people under expansion of Samajwadi pension scheme

- Free cycle to girls studying in class 9 to 12

- Nutritious diet to pregnant women at their place

- Construction of Purvanchal expressway and Bundelkhand-Terai Expressway

- River front development in prominent cities

- Rs 10 lakh to lawyers, less than 60 years age, on untimely deaths

- Samajwadi sports school for sports promotion

- Old age homes for the elderly and 50% subsidy in bus fares for women

- Electrification of every village in the state

- Free wheat and rice to the poor, pressure cookers for poor women. Free laptops for students

- A kisan kosh (treasury) to be initiated for the farmers

- Strengthening the state’s Metro network. Akhilesh says the next state budget may be presented from inside a Metro train


I leave it to you to judge / decide , which and how many of these  promises , fall foul of the following guidelines of the Election Commission , which announced the UP election on 01 Jan , kicking in the Model Code of Conduct :

On 22 Feb 2014 , following Supreme Court directives , the Election Commission , revised , " Model Code of Conduct " , containing guidelines on what kind of poll promises , political parties can incorporate in their poll manifestos


*   Parties shall make only those promises which are possible to be fulfilled

*   It is expected that manifestos also reflect the rationale for the promises
     and broadly indicate the ways and means to meet the financial requirements for it

*   Party in power shall stop advertizing for publicity of achievements "


Do not wait with baited breath , for the release of Manifestos of other political parties !

In the above list , just change the party name and insert figures which are 50 % higher !

Do you see the " Late Mover Advantage " ?

Have no worry !  No one will file a Public Interest Litigation in Supreme Court , which is over-occupied with Jallikattu !

And as far as the question of " ways and means of financial requirements " is concerned, Akhilesh Yadav has a top secret plan , viz : imposition of a 10 % " Wealth Transfer Tax " on those 57 Indian Billionaires with a total wealth of $ 216 Billion ( Rs. 15,12000 cr )

He is telling the voters of UP  :

 " Why do you want to wait till 01 Feb budget of Shri Arun Jaitley-ji , to announce transfer of Rs 1500 to poor under Universal Basic Income ? "


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