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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

We are not bribing the Voters !

On 01 Jan , Election Commission announced poll schedule for 5 States , and set in motion Model Code of Conduct

A day later ( or earlier ? ) , NDA government announced that Union Budget will be introduced in Lok Sabha on 01 Feb ( 3 days before Goa polls begin )

Two days later , 16 opposition parties , led by Congress , appealed the EC to tell the government , to postpone the Budget , till after state elections get over

Reason ?

" Suppose NDA government announces freebies / goodies in the budget , targeted to " bribe " the voters to vote in favor of BJP ! How can they introduce Budget AFTER coming into force , the Model Code of Conduct ?


Don't BJP know the following ?

On 22 Feb 2014 , following Supreme Court directives , the Election Commission , revised , " Model Code of Conduct " , containing guidelines on what kind of poll promises , political parties can incorporate in their poll manifestos


*   Parties shall make only those promises which are possible to be fulfilled

*   It is expected that manifestos also reflect the rationale for the promises
     and broadly indicate the ways and means to meet the financial requirements for it

*   Party in power shall stop advertizing for publicity of achievements "

Now , look at the Poll Manifesto which Congress released yesterday for Punjab polls :

" The manifesto promises

*   loan waiver and free power to farmers, 

*   a stipend of 2,500 per month for unemployed youth,

*   free smart mobile phones for youth, 

*   free textbooks for all children,

*   free houses to homeless dalits / SCs / OBCs and 


If elected, Capt. Amarinder Singh said his government will create,

*   25 lakh jobs within the next five years,

*   crack down on drugs and corruption, 

*   introduce a new industrial policy, and 

*   end the VIP culture, while 

*   bringing in sweeping economic reforms and

*   total transparency in governance. "

Congress is telling the EC :

"  You see , how honestly our Manifesto abides by the Model Code of Conduct ? "

Apparently , India happens to be a country where politicians can still ( after 68 years ) , fool ALL the people, ALL the time !

Or , at least think so  !

We will know in Feb / March !


11  Jan  2017

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