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27 June 2013

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Lost at Sea for 3 years ?

Some  4 months  back , while speaking at Global Mobility Summit , PM Shri Modi said :


·             My vision for the future of mobility in India is based on 7 Cs :

         Common , Connected , Convenient , Congestion-free Charged , Clean , Cutting Edge

·         The world is now in the middle of a NEW MOBILITY REVOLUTION and India has inherent
          advantages to leverage this opportunity

·         India can be the best place for rapidly evolving technology

·         Industry to invest in ,

     #   Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles

     #   Charging Infrastructure

     #   Battery manufacturing

·         Government will soon come out with a policy on electric vehicles to give a thrust to e-

·         Public Transport must be the corner stone of our mobility initiatives

·         Our focus must go beyond cars to other vehicles such as scooters and rickshaws

·         Large segments of the developing world depend on these vehicles for mobility

·         As against other economies that carry the “ baggage “ of “ private car ownership “, India
          is still light on personal car population . This gives us the window of opportunity to
          create an all-new, seamless mobility eco-system

·         Charged mobility is the way forward for the country

·         There is a need to encourage pedestrians and cycling by making them safer

·         There is a need for generating power for electric mobility through renewable energy

·         Companies should tap into the knowledge of ISRO in developing cost-effective batteries

    [ source : Crossing the Seven Seas [ 7 C ]    /   10  Sept  2018  ]


All that has happened during the past  4 months  is :

Amitabh Kant says there should be no road tax for Electric Vehicles   

Under which , the panel has “ recommended “ :

#   a lower custom duty on components

#   a lower GST rate to encourage manufacturers to take up large scale production of e-

And it has “ called for “ :

#   differential registration rates

#   exemption of road tax and parking charges

In the meantime , elsewhere :

Volkswagen, China spearhead $300 billion global drive to electrify cars  



#    Speaking earlier this week to a small group of reporters in Beijing, Diess said China
     " will become one of the automotive powerhouses in the world."

we find (in China) is really the right environment to develop the next generation
      of cars and we find the right skills, which we only partially have in Europe or other
     places," he said. 

     Diess added, "
We have very clear policies established here in China. Policymakers and
     regulators are requiring" a shift to electric vehicles.

#   Roughly 45 percent of the global industry's planned EV investment and procurement
     spending, more than $135 billion, will occur in China, which is heavily promoting the
     production and sale of electric vehicles through a system of government-mandated
     quotas, credits and incentives.


Apparently , our Netas seem to have been infected with , what you might call :

  Too much Analysis leading to Priority Paralysis

Those in doubt , may want to look up the following Electric Vehicle Policy Road Map “ , which Shri Piyush Goyal announced , almost 3 YEARS ago in March 2016 :

Piyush  Plan  ?   [  27  March  2016  ]

May be our Netas think that premature deaths of 12.7 lakh Indians in 2017 , due to air pollution , has a much lower priority as compared to the following :

#   Rafale  /  Augusta  Westland

#   Mallya  /  Nirav Modi

#   Triple Talaq / Ayodhya

#   Aadhar  /  Privacy

#   EVM  /  E Commerce

#   Just any headline in today’s News papers

Context :

Mussolini is credited to have said :

  If you want to dig a well in a village, you may consult all the villagers but if you have to declare a war , only the person at the top must decide “

Dear Shri Narendrabhai ,

You managed to push through the 10 % reservation bill through Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha, within 48 hours

To save 12.7 lakh lives every year , I urge you to get the EV Policy announced with same speed

11  Jan  2019

Rsvp  :  hcp@RecruitGuru.com

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