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Friday, 11 January 2019

National Clean Air Tax ? – a Pigovian tax ?

National  Clean  Air  Tax  ? – a  Pigovian tax  ?

DNA recently carried following news report :

Extract :

The national plan, whose draft was released earlier this summer, comprises among other ,

*   Targets augmenting the network of air quality monitoring in urban and rural areas,

*   Commissioning of pollution source apportionment studies research,

*   Training of ground staff,

*   Enforcement of new emission norms for thermal power plans

*   City-specific action plans for 102 cities.

Clause 5.8 of  NATIONAL CLEAN AIR PROGRAMME (NCAP ) , reads :

Air pollution problem becomes complex due to multiplicity and complexity of air polluting sources (e.g. industries, automobiles, generator sets, domestic fuel burning, road side dusts, construction activities, etc.).

A cost-effective approach for improving air quality in polluted areas involves

(i)                  Identification of emission sources

(ii)                Assessment of extent of contribution of these sources on ambient environment

(iii)               Prioritizing the sources that need to be tackled

(iv)              Evaluate various options for controlling the sources with regard to feasibility and economic viability

(v)                Formulation and implementation of most appropriate action plans.

Source apportionment study, which is primarily based on measurements and tracking down the sources through receptor modelling, helps in identifying the sources and extent of their contribution.

The Auto Fuel Policy document of Government of India also recommended for carrying out source apportionment studies.


Dear Dr Shruti Rai Bhardwaj ,

In the spirit of “ Better late than Never “ , as far as “ Source Apportioning Study “ for the “ Traffic Generated Pollution “ is concerned , I propose going one step further , and urge you to commission one of the IITs to implement :

Transport : an Integrated Logistic Plan ?

12  Jan  2019
Rsvp :  hcp@RecruitGuru.com

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