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27 June 2013

Friday, 11 January 2019

Liar vs Liar ?

I have seen the movie , “ Kramer  vs  Kramer    and the play “ Gandhi  vs  Gandhi

But I do not remember , either the themes or the dialogues

But I wish I was able to retain a versatile / erudite “ Liar “ to plead my case in the Supreme Court in 1984 , when I lost a case to my landlord for retaining possession of  flat rented from him

That human Lawyer who I engaged, did a rather poor job of arguing / presenting my case

If I run into a similar litigation in 2024 , I will not have to worry

 Instead of a “ Lawyer “ , I would retain a “ Liar “ [  - an Artificial Intelligence legal luminary AVATAR   ]

Here is the reason for my optimism :

Highlights :

·         IBM recently unveiled a new artificial intelligence system that can craft lengthy, persuasive arguments during a debate.

·         At the show  [  CES  ], it presented arguments both for and against making gambling illegal. It later did the same for the idea of developing autonomous cars.

·         Project Debater does little writing of its own — the AI system’s core strength comes from categorizing and analyzing the arguments fed into it by humans.

·         The algorithm scans short human-written arguments on a potential debate topic for specific keywords and language….

·         Then it groups those arguments by topic, determines whether they’re for or against the proposal, and organizes a speech based on the arguments it analyzed.


Apparently , I was not too far off in envisioning the arrival of  Project  Debater “ , when some 10 months ago , I imagined it to deliver a judgement on Aadhar privacy issue , as described at ( - of course , drafted by me – a human ! ):

Nightmare ?      [  04  March  2018  ]

Any immediate practical application ?

Of course , hiding in plain sight  !

Over past few decades , dozens  of lawyers have argued in various courts re the Ayodhya / Ram Mandir case

By now , millions of words have been recorded in court records – both for and against

If requested , IBM would be too happy to feed these millions of  words / phrases / sentences / paragraphs “ into its Project Debater , pitching TWO LIARS against each other !

Then upload those “LIAR ARGUMENTS“ on its web site . May be even a DRAFT  judgement !

Won’t that be a hugely “ Face Saving Formula “ for all the parties concerned , who have repeatedly proclaimed their intention to “ abide by the Supreme Court verdict “  ?

And for a bonus :  Party losing 2019 elections can always blame “ Artificial Intelligence “ !


12  Jan  2019

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