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Today's Hindustan Times reports that the Govt of Maharashtra is planning to introduce in the budget session , an ANTI SPITTING LAW , under which , the first time offenders will be fined Rs 1000 and a day's Community Service

For repeat offenders , both , the amount of fine and the duration of Community Service , will increase sharply

Welcoming this initiative , I wonder if the concerned Minister for Health , Shri Deepak Sawant considered the following :

*  Each offence will need to be immediately recorded digitally ( with photo / Aadhar Card No of the offender /
    amount of fine paid and how / place of crime / where that community service was carried out / name of the
   Authority certifying that Community Service , etc ), so that the " History of Repeat Offenses " ( stored in the
   server of the Police Department ) can emerge instantly , on the HAND HELD  OFFENSE  RECORDING  DEVICE of
   the policemen ,as soon as he enters the offender's Aadhar Card Number
   I hope the proposed law does not require every citizen to carry at all times ," MY SPITTING HISTORY CARD ",
   in which , the policemen will make appropriate  entry , during each offence !

*  What if the suspected citizen denies the crime ? Will the law provide for the police officer to collect samples of
    saliva from the ground and from suspect's mouth and send these for DNA matching in a forensic lab ?

*  The honesty / integrity of the police force, so that they will enforce the law without fear or favor and not use it
    as one more source of " Side Income "  !

I am remembered of the time when travelling from Naples to Mumbai in a ship in 1958 , we had a one day stop-over in Karachi

Along with a few friends, I disembarked and went around the city , which I found very clean

Surprised at this unexpected cleanliness , I asked a local person for an explanation

He said :

If the police catches you spitting in public , he will make you pay a fine of Rs 100 and will make you take out your handkerchief and clean up the dirtied place, right there and then .

 If the policeman is found negligent then General Yahyakhan will place him behind the bars without any court case

 That day , I understood the secret of a disciplined society , viz: 

A non-corruptible police force , which would not care a hoot that you are a VIP or a VVIP !

I gather that the NDA government has already repealed some 175 antiquated / obsolete laws

Repeal of another 900 are already passed in Lok Sabha and stuck for Rajya Sabha passing

Another 1000 are in queue !

Let us not enact more and more laws which cannot be implemented / enforced but can be used to harass innocent citizens to make money !

Let us focus on reforms in

*  Police System ( including doubling their salaries ? / freezing new recruitment in police force for 5 years ) 

*  Judicial System ( no postponements or dates / hearing and disposal of cases in single seating )

*  Creating thousands of Lok Adalats to settle minor civil disputes in single hearing ( like arbitration ? )

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07  Feb  2016


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