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27 June 2013

Monday, 15 February 2016


Soon India will produce 10 million vehicles per year - mostly private cars / two wheelers

These will create nightmare of traffic jams since roads in the cities cannot expand in width to add more lanes

And already narrow roads keep getting crowded with cars parked on both the sides

Cars moving at snail pace and stopping at signals , emit a lot of polluting gases

Now we cannot stop people from buying cars !

But , can we make it attractive for them not to buy a car but use public transport ?

If we succeed in persuading people to use public transport , problems of traffic jams / pollution can be reduced


Why people don't use public transport but opt for their own private vehicles ?


*   Own car is available at a moment's notice    (  Convenience )

*   Own car is air-conditioned       (  Comfort  )

*   Own car is not packed with " Standee Passengers "  (  Crowding )

*   At public transport bus stops , there are long queues  - or worse , crowds !

SOLUTIONS  ( even , if partial ) :

*   Gradually change over to air conditioned buses

*   Do not allow standee passengers ( this will require adding many more buses )

*   Introduction of BRTS ( Bus Rapid Transit System )

*   Bus Arrival Time Indicators ( linked with GPS in all buses ) at all bus stops

*   A tablet type digital device fitted behind each seat , where passenger to touch his destination on route map
     displayed . 

Passenger will also touch his smart phone to the device which will transfer the fare amount to the
    bus operator , through a mobile wallet . 

No need for a conductor - as practiced in many foreign countries ! 

    This will tell the driver , at which stops , which passengers are getting off and seat/s are falling vacant

    If bus is already FULL and no passenger is getting off at the next bus stop , then driver will not halt the bus ,
    since he cannot accommodate any standee passenger

    If a passenger is supposed to get off at , say XYZ stop , digital device will flash a signal / ring a bell , a few
    minutes before reaching the stop

    The Bus Arrival Time Indicator , at the stop will also display the " No of Vacant Seats " in this bus

    This ( No of Vacant Seats ) sign will also appear prominently on the bus itself as it pulls into the halt

    It is equally easy to introduce such an integrated traffic management system in Inter-City buses as well

    Entire intra-city bus traffic will be monitored and controlled from the Central Traffic Control Station of the city
    traffic department , much in the same way ATC control air traffic or railways control train traffic

    It is just a question of extending an existing ( but slightly modified ) technology to city traffic

    As far as density of traffic on various roads is concerned , mobile apps are already available

    Based on the situation , Central Traffic Control will order additional buses to be injected on any particular
    route , at any given time

    In some foreign countries , even elevator systems in large office buildings are designed to gauge

    *  the number of persons waiting for elevator at each floor ( and how many want to go UP and how many want
       to go DOWN ),

     *  the number of persons riding at any time , within each elevator ( and their travel intentions ) 

     and adjust their stopping / halting pattern accordingly  , automatically without human intervention !

Implementing such a system could not be a big problem for a country which takes pride in calling itself ,


Only thing lacking is political will 


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16  Feb  2016   


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