Monday, 15 February 2016


The rate at which innovations are continuously happening all around us , we need not look very far  !

In the internet age , the " Slow " ( to adapt ) will get overtaken by the " Fast & Nimble "

Even the " Big " will get left behind by the " Small "

How long before textile scientists come up with a fabric that does not require " Stitching " to make garments  ?

May be a fabric that can be " welded " or " glued " to form a garment  ?

And a automated assembly-line where :

*    Fabric is fed at one end

*    Glue ( or a welding wire ) , is fed at intermediate stages

*    Fabric gets cut into pieces as per online personalized  " designs " ordered  by visitors of Amazon / Flipkart /
      Snapdeal etc

What would this do to the manufacturers of domestic / industrial sewing machines and threads  ?

And then what would happen to such automated garment-making assembly lines when people install 3D Printing Machines in their homes ? - machines that can print garments as per designs downloaded from Net  ?

Far fetched  ?

Not if you have heard of Shanghai-based company WinSun , which recently constructed 10 concrete houses ( 5 stories each ) , overnight , using a 3D Printing Machine which is 6 meter tall , 10 meter wide and 40 meter long !

If invited to set up country-wide operations in India , I have no doubt WinSun can transform our Housing Construction Industry thru technology transfer

In turn , NDA Government can fulfill its promise to construct 50 million 
affordable houses by 2020

I hope this message reaches Shri Narendra Modi / Shri Venkaiah Naidu / Shri Nitin Gadkari

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16  Feb  2016


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