Thursday, 25 February 2016


A report in Business Line ( 25 Feb 2016 ) , reads :

"  Centre wants Indians to abandon cash and make digital payments "

The report lists following measures announced by NDA govt on 24 Feb :

*  Withdrawal of surcharge / service charge / convenience fee on card / digital
    payments , currently imposed by govt departments

*  Payments beyond a prescribed threshold only in card / digital mode

*  Rationalize telecom service charges for digital financial transactions

*  Promote mobile banking

*  Create assurance mechanisms for quick resolution of fraudulent transactions

*  Review payment ecosystem in the country

To make it easy for people to make digital payments , Government has already installed :

*  Electronic Clearing Service Scheme

*  National Electronic Funds Transfer

*  Real Time Gross Settlement Scheme

*  Direct transfer of Subsidies to bank accounts of benefeciaries

*  Providing RuPay debit cards

*  Allowing setting up of Payment Banks

Surely , all of these steps will make it EASY for people to GRADUALLY switch over to making digital payments

But , if the HIDDEN AGENDA of the Government behind all of these initiatives , is to reduce / eliminate the scourge of BLACK MONEY ( always and entirely CASH ) , then the only initiative which will COMPEL people to  " TRASH the CASH " and move over to digital payments in a HURRY, is my oft-repeated suggestion as follows :

*  Discontinue paper-based currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000

*  Introduce plastic currency notes of Rs 500 / 1,000 which are embedded with RFID sensors ( far thinner than a human hair  ! ) , always broadcasting their presence to Internet of Things ( IoT )

*  Assign to each such note, a IP V 6.0 address , linked to its unique note number

*  Set up a IT-enabled Technology Platform which will constantly monitor any accumulation of Rs 500 / 1000
    RFID embedded notes in excess of Rs ONE CRORE within an area of ONE square meter

If there is a political will , technology can bring this revolution in 6 months  !

Can we expect Shri Jaitley-ji to conclude his Budget speech on 29 Feb , with this announcement ?

The applause that follows will be heard around the World  !

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26  Feb  2016 


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