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As per a news report in Hindustan Times ( 17 Feb 2016 ) , thousands of villagers of Khalapur ( Maharashtra ) ,

*  have formed a company

*  transferred 3500 hectares  of their land to this company

*  company has signed an MOU with Maharashtra State for development of this land

*  allowed State to acquire 40 % of the land, without any monetary compensation

*  villagers will get to develop balance 60 % land

*  for this 60 % , villagers will be allowed an FSI of 1.7 in lieu of the existing FSI of 0.1 , to develop the township

#    How does CIDCO ( nodal agency for Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area ) benefit ?

      *  of the 40 % land acquired , CIDCO will utilize 25 % for Infrastructure Development and rest for Commercial

#    How do Villagers benefit  ?

     *  Once developed , the rates of the real estate in the area are expected to shoot up by at least 5 times ,
         causing good  profit for the villagers


#    Could villagers have benefited much more ?

     *  Without doubt they would have gained hugely if they had bargained on the basis of the following email that

         I had sent to Shri Nitin Gadkariji on 23 March, 2015 :

{  Dear Nitinji,

Farmers are opposing the Land Acquisition Bill for the following reasons :

*    Low / Inadequate compensation

*    Once land is sold , not being able to benefit from the appreciation of land value , when the project comes up

*   Private parties bought their land at low price and then sold it ( mostly to private builders ) for a whooping profit

I think there is a simple solution to the concerns expressed by the farmers . Please consider the following :

*     Each project will be tied to a specific SPV , created for that purpose only

*    In the first instance , affected farmers will create a " Cooperative Society " 

*   Co-operative Society will issue shares to each land-donor farmer , in proportion to the QUANTITY / VALUE of the land donated by him

*   In turn , Co-operative Society will receive shares in the SPV , equal to the value of the land + a cash compensation equal to 4 times the value of the land

*  Farmer's shares of Cooperative Society cannot be sold in open market before 5 years but can be gifted to wife / Children

*  Shares of Cooperative Society in the SPV itself cannot be sold for next 10 years

*  The " Cash-Value Compensation " received by the Co-operative Society ( ie 4 times the land value ),  will be deployed as follows :

   *  To be immediately paid in cash to the farmers............ 2 times

   *  To be deposited in the Jan-Dhan Account of each farmer as FIXED DEPOSIT ( with 10 @ interest )....2 times

Dear Gadkariji ,

My proposal will ensure :

*     Immediate attractive compensation to farmers

*     Recurring income from FD in Jan Dhan account ( for a sustained livelihood )

*     Continued sense of " Ownership " in the SPV / Project , which will facilitate QUICK implementation without resistance

*     Willing farmers themselves canvassing / convincing " Reluctant " farmers

*     No fear of private parties benefiting by appreciation of land value

*    A sense of " Enlarged Participation " thru Co-operative Society representing them on the Board of Directors of SPV

*    Board Representation enabling farmers to ensure that honest decisions are being taken


If all States follow this model , I think opposition to Land Acquisition Bill in Rajya Sabha , will become irrelevant  !

After all , this is a WIN  WIN  solution for both, the Farmers and for the States

If the Opposition Parties want to win future elections ( whether at Center or in States ) , they should  champion the cause of the farmers by helping them form FARMERS  CO-OPERATIVE  SOCIETIES , to carry out COLLECTIVE BARGAINING  with the State Governments  / Industries !

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19  Feb  2016


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