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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

1984 was nothing !

Remember , what George Orville predicted in his book , " 1984 " ?

No matter where you go , the BIG BROTHER ( the Establishment ) will be watching you - and will know exactly, what you are doing / saying , through ubiquitous CCTV cameras

This prediction is gradually being realized in a few cities of the World -  with still , a long way to go

Times of India ( 18 Aug 2016 ) carries a news report which says that Govt may introduce radio tags , iris scans for prisoners

Acting advocate general ( Maharashtra ) , Rohit Deo told a division bench of High Court :

"  The State government is examining the feasibility and legality of fixing RFID chips in the bodies of prisoners to track them by GPS if they are released on parole or furlough "

USA Food and Drugs Administration has approved the use of RFID chips in humans and it is widely practiced in US prisons

Today's Hindustan Times , carries following snippet :

" Scientists have developed a way of communication that may allow brain implants and contact lenses to talk to smart phones

A contact lens for instance, could monitor diabetics' blood sugar level and send notifications when the level drops "

What can you expect next ?

A RFID / GPS enabled permanent tattoo ( temporary ones are already available ! ) , fixed on hand , at birth for each child , to replace :

#    Aadhar  Number

#    PAN Number

#    Passport ....etc  ?

But of course , such a draconian , privacy-violating , reform is unlikely to be initiated by ANY government or passed as an ACT by any legislature ! There would be a popular revolt and that government will lose next election !

But what is holding up NDA government from discarding old / paper-based currency notes of Rs 500 / 1,000 and replace these with new / plastic-based notes , embedded with RFID micro-sensors ( thinner than human hair )  ?


This REFORM will permanently eliminate CORRUPTION and BLACK MONEY from our society , because each such
     note ( and any pre-determined accumulation ) , will continuously announce its GPS location and get tracked  !

#   This reform does NOT require passing of any Bill in Parliament

#   If coupled with a Amnesty Scheme for investment of all existing BLACK MONEY into Infrastructure SPVs (

     without any questions being asked or any penal action ) , this innovation can bring into the MAIN STREAM

     ECONOMY , Rs 100 Lakh*Crore , within 6 months ! ( Black Economy is 70 % of our GDP of Rs 140 lakh*crore )

#   This will dramatically raise GST collection by an amount of Rs 18 lakh*crore ( since Rs 100 lakh*crore

     of Black Money will get used legally for buying of either GOODS/ SERVICES, somewhere in the main stream

     economy , attracting GST @ 18 % rate )  


     This windfall will get equally shared by the Centre and the States , and help reduce  govt borrowings

     For this reason it will become the MOST POPULAR REFORM  ever , not only among ordinary citizens but

     also among all States , irrespective of which political party they belong to  !

By sending emails to NDA ministers , I have been advocating this for last two years and have not given up hope !

I am sure , if introduced , India will show to the entire World Economy , an example of Social Justice / Equity !


24  Aug  2016

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