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27 June 2013

Monday, 22 August 2016


No doubt , you have seen these words painted behind many trucks in India

But Transport Minister , Shri Gadkari says : HORN  NOT  OK  !

Times of India ( 17 Aug 2916 ) carries a news report titled :

"  Gadkari wants to silence horns "

It goes on to quote Shri Gadkari :

"  Honking and using pressure horns is a big menace on our roads. Only rules and regulations can't address this problem . We need a change in behavior and mindset of drivers "

Last week Shri Gadkari  introduced a bill which will impose on the erring ( honking ) drivers , a fine of Rs 1,000/-

A repeat offence will attract a penalty of Rs 2,000/-

Shri Gadkari added :

" The central law will create an enabling framework for the enforcement agencies to use these provisions for reining in violations

The enforcement agencies must also do their job with sincerity and must not use these provisions for making a quick buck "

Apparently Shri Gadkari is all too aware how this law will get abused !

And prey , in a traffic of hundreds of vehicles passing any road-crossing every minute , how will the policeman on duty decide " WHO honked ? "

Will not , on-the-road arguments / disputes ( Where is the proof that I honked ? ) end up in " It is your word against mine " ? And bring the traffic to a halt ?

Shri Gadkari thought of automatic toll plazas , where each passing car would be embedded with an RFID chip

Even as the car slows down just slightly for CCTV cameras to read the Car Number and transmit it to a Central Server , the toll amount gets deducted automatically from the prepaid RFID chip !

No need for a human attendant to collect payment , no waiting in a queue , no arguments !

Why can he not just mandate all car / truck manufacturers to pre-install a RFID based SCADA chip in their vehicles which will flash the car number of the honking car, on the Mobile Phone of the nearest policeman ?

No arguments !

And instant / automatic penalty deduction thru Mobile Wallet details , embedded in that SCADA chip !

( Some of these data will need to be entered into the chip by the Vehicle Dealer at the time of sale )

But then nothing stops Shri Gadkari to tell the vehicle manufacturers :

"  What we need is a TRANSPORT REVOLUTION

   To bring that about , each SCADA chip must get hard-coded with full details about that vehicle , such as :

   *  Type of Engine ( Petrol / Diesel / Electric etc ) with CC / KW capacity and Engine Number

   *  Make / Model / Year of manufacture / Sitting Capacity etc

   *  Anything else that you ( the Manufacturers ) can think up of , which will ultimately lead to sharing of
      AUTONOMOUS CARS / BIKES  and help reduce individual/personal ownership. for a vastly underutilized asset "

   This will enable the Transport Ministry to " Acquire " a variety of Data , to keep track of the following

   *  No of vehicles on our roads at any time / any place ( Traffic Density ) and their direction / velocity for better
       traffic control . Delivered through a Mobile App ( called, DIVERT ? ), this will help motorists in commuting

   *  Amount of Emission Gases being injected into the atmosphere by all the vehicles and each vehicle .

      Every time any vehicle fails to meet BHARAT VI emission standard , its Vehicle No will flash on the Mobile
     Screen of the nearest Policeman , who will pull it aside and immobilize it till set right !

   *  Which vehicle got involved in an accident , when , how , where and may be , even " why " !

   *  Which vehicle honked when / where

I am sure , readers will come up with a list of other benefits

Much easier than trying to change ,

#    Mindsets of drivers

#    Temptation of trying to make a quick buck

For a change , instead of following, can we think of leading the World ?


23  Aug  2016

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