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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Be-Aware / Beware !

Hindustan Times ( 30 Aug 2016 ) carries a news report titled :

Income Tax dept will ‘name and shame’ those defaulting over Rs 1 crore  "


The report elaborates :

" The Income Tax department, beginning this financial year, has decided to ‘name and shame’ all taxpayers who have a default of Rs one crore and above.

The department has begun publishing the names of tax defaulters in leading national dailies since last year and has named 67 such defaulters from across the country till now with their vital details like addresses, contacts, PAN card
number and shareholders in case of companies.

The earlier exercise was restricted to people with defaults to the tune of about Rs 20-30 crore but the new measure will bring to the fore those names who have defaulted a tax of Rs 1 crore or more.

“It has been decided to ‘name and shame’ all category of taxpayers, including personal and corporate taxpayers who have a default of Rs 1 crore and above by March, 31 which is the end of 2016-17 financial year.”

“The names will be published before July 31 next year,” a senior official said.

An order in this regard, also accessed by PTI, has also been issued by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

The official said the aim of the exercise is to inform the public at large about such tax evaders whom the taxman has not been able to lay their hands on despite using various investigative and enforcement tools.

The IT department has also provided a list of such names an identities on its official web portal "

Now , if anything , IT Dept decision is a " too little , too late " !

For decades now , Housing Societies have been " naming and shaming " their Members who fail to make their monthly payment of Society Charges , even if by one day late ! By publishing their names on Society Notice Boards

And in a Society of say , 100 members , you are bound to look up that Notice Board , sooner or later !

But how many citizens will take the trouble to look up the IT department web site , when most do not even know that it exists !

News report says , " the aim of the exercise is to inform the public at large about such tax evaders whom the taxman has not been able to lay their hands on despite using various investigative and enforcement tools "

Does IT department want people's help in locating these defaulters ?

If yes , then it needs to go beyond just publicizing the defaulter info on its web site

It needs to launch a Mobile App ( called , " Be-Ware " ? )

Anyone can download it from the web site of IT dept by entering his Aadhar Number / Jan Dhan Bank a/c Number

" Be-Ware " will display ( alphabetically ) , names of those Tax Defaulters

Long press on any name , will reveal the person's data ( as seen currently on IT dept web site )

{  http://office.incometaxindia.gov.in/administration/Pages/tax-defaulters.aspx  }

Below each data-sheet , will be a button which reads " INFORMER "

Touching it will open a box , wherein the " Informer " can provide information leading to locating / arresting of that defaulter

Just click " SEND " button after typing in the info

That simple !

A return acknowledgement SMS from IT department will give a  REGISTRATION  LINK , clicking which will show the informer , info provided by him , on IT dept web site ( Proof of Pudding ! )

And every time he logs in at this LINK , he will get to know the progress made by IT department in the case

It will also enable him to submit " Supplementary Data " ( about the Defaulter ) , from time to time

A total transparency  , in an atmosphere of Co-operation instead of Confrontation !

Based on info provided , if - and when - IT department recovers any of that TAX DUES , that Informer's  Jan Dhan Bank A/c will get credited with 5 % of the amount recovered ! ( the most welcome and well-earned, DBT ? )

And , the INFORMER will NOT be required to pay any Income Tax , on such deposits  !

One simple rule will apply ( like " Terms and Conditions Apply " )

In case more than one Informer submits similar information about the same Tax Defaulter , the person submitting it FIRST , will get 5 % and each subsequent informer , will get a ENCOURAGEMENT PRIZE of Rs 1,000 / -

In such a case , the decision of the IT department will be final and binding on the informers


If implemented , rest assured that all smart phone manufacturers would want to pre-install " Be-Ware " on each and every phone shipped !

In such cases , the App can be " Activated " by the phone-owner , by registering his Mobile Number on the IT department web site

IT Dept Guys  !

Rope in millions !  Start a " Track-a-Crook " viral fever ! Get back Crores of public money with little effort !

Income Tax Free " manna from heaven " of 5 % , will launch a million sleuths into ,

" BRING  THE  CROOK  TO  BOOK " business !

No place for the Corrupts to hide !

But needed , one most important assurance for success :

All " Informers " must be fully protected under " The Whistle-Blower Protection Act " !

Way to Go , with some BOLD / OUT OF BOX , thinking !

Of course , I would keep batting for total abolition of Personal Income Tax - the only permanent solution to the twin evils of BLACK MONEY and CORRUPTION !


31  Aug  2016

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