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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Fraud Corporation of India ( FCI ) ?

No , I have not given that name to the Food Corporation of India

It is none other than the Supreme Court of India , which seems to think so !

Following are the " reasons " ( as reported in Times of India , a few weeks back ) :

On Jan 09 , SC said, " there was something seriously wrong with the FCI where 370 departmental labour
    were each paid Rs 4.5 lakh a month , a salary much more than the President of India "

Report of a high level committee said ,

    *   Rs 1800 crore salary bill for labourers in FCI , was unacceptable

    *   Apart from these 370 , there were other departmental labourers who earned a monthly average salary of
        Rs 80,000  and that in contrast, the Contractual Labourers doing the same job earned Rs 10,000 per month

Vikram Singh Jangra ( advocate for FCI ) admitted that the average cost per month per worker was Rs 80000/-

Supreme Court remarked :

   " They are just loading and unloading sacks of food grain. How are they paid so much when the Contractual
     Labour for the same job gets paid Rs 10,000 ? This means there must be many who must be subletting the
     work to the Contractual Labourers and drawing salary without doing anything "

#  The Government admitted :

    Those drawing salaries in lakhs had actually engaged Contractual Labourers .

Amit Sibal ( advocate for FCI Workers Union ) said :

    * Since the salaries could not be paid to the Contractual Labourers , the departmental labourer who engaged
      them was collecting the entire money for their behalf, showing erroneously that a single departmental labourer
      was drawing hefty salary

Earlier , the Bombay High Court had passed following directions to FCI :

    *    Reduce the mind-boggling incentive scheme prevalent in FCI

    *    Make the labourers jobs transferable

    *    Abolish depots

    *    Abolish the system of departmental labourers in phases

#   Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar informed SC :

     The Centre has issued a notification on July 06, to revert to Contractual Labourers for loading and unloading
     of food grains sacks at FCI depots


#   What punishment , if any , was handed out to those " Labour Department Supervisors " who ,

     *  failed to mark as " absent " those departmental labourers and instead marked them as " present "

     *  allowed entry to those Contractual Labourers , who were NOT engaged " directly " by FCI

#   Does the Central Government notification , violate the " Contract Labour  Abolition and Regulation Act "  ,
     which stipulates monthly wages to Contract Labourers equal to those paid to regular workers at the bottom of
     the scale ?

#   If regular workers are to be replaced by the Contract Labourers , what will those 370 regular workers do ?

     I suppose , they will continue to draw their wages ( obviously , much higher than the monthly average of
     Rs 80,000 ) for playing cards in FCI premises !

#   Do FCI have any established ," Productivity Standards" for " Tons of grains loaded / unloaded per work-day " ?

#   What are the " Permanent Workers / Contractual Workers / Total Wage Bill / Ave wage per worker per month "
     scenarios in other Government Corporations such as STC / MMTC / ASI / GSI and hundreds of PSUs ?

It is high time , our decades old " National Productivity Council - NPC " is requested to carry out an exhaustive work-measurement study of ALL such Corporations and establish clear OUTPUT PER WORK-HOUR norms

#  Annual Salary Bill of the Central Government ( for 39 lakh employees in 2016-17 ) is Rs 183,936 Crore

    Government could easily save 5 % of that bill ( = Rs 9,197 Cr ) , by simply implementing MAD ( Mobile
    Attendance Device ) described in my following email to the NDA Ministers / MPs on   01 June 2016 :


03  Aug  2016

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