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27 June 2013

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Public Policy Game-Changer ?

Economic Times ( 29 July, 2016 ) carries a report , titled :

" Your Smartphone can be Public Policy Game-Changer "

This report describes UIDAI's idea as follows :

" Chips of Aadhar-enabled smart phones will be encrypted with UIDAI key and the phones will be connected to the Aadhar server

The key is a security feature to prevent information leakage . The server connection will allow instant fingerprint and iris authentication

The technology bar for putting these features in smart phones is not high - most smart phones can be equipped similarly "

Shri Ajay Bhushan , CEO - UIDAI , added :

" This can be a game-changing feature in phones to become the identity of a person and let him do more transactions on the phone in a secure manner .

This is perhaps the first time something like this will be attempted in the world

Nearly 104 crore Indians have Aadhar and almost 40 crore have smart phones . Every agency requires authentication via Aadhar

If people don't need to go to any office to authenticate their identity and get government services, and if they are able to do so through their mobile phones, this can be a game-changer "

Writing in Times of India ( 28 July, 2016 / How Digital Will Save India ) , Shri Nandan Nilekani , writes :

#  Aadhar provides open Application Programming interfaces or APIs, which can integrate easily into any electronic device . These APIs enable online authentication using a fingerprint or iris. Recently Samsung introduced an Aadhar-compliant tablet with a camera that in a single click performs iris authentication

#  More than 290 million bank accounts are linked to Aadhar today, and several billion dollars of benefits and  entitlements have been transferred to people's bank accounts electronically in real time

#  Such platform aggregators will also create jobs, not as monolithic large organizations, but as millions of small entrepreneurs connected to a platform

#  Indians will either migrate or do outsourcing work. Care providers around the world will come from India

The only place where India can achieve economy of scale is in services

Will these visions of Shri Bhushan and Shri Nilekani , get translated into reality - and in near term ?

Read following Smart phone based Mobile Apps for conceptual frame-work :

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*   Black-Mail


05  Aug  2016

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