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27 June 2013

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

A Wasted Effort ?

Mumbai Mirror ( 05 July ) carries following news :

“ No space to treat waste , say housing societies “

The civic body’s latest decision to not pick up wet waste from housing complexes and let the societies treat the garbage on their own from October has Mumbaikars worried

But members of several societies said that they don’t have the space required to take up such large-scale composting of trash collected from all the flats, others claimed that they lacked the knowledge to undertake segregation of waste at source and then treat them

According to civil officials , the city’s piling solid waste has been giving nightmares to the BMC , which wanted the housing complexes to reduce waste generated at source by undertaking segregation . But very few societies actually did that

While welcoming this initiative of BMC , I have serious reservations re the outcome of this effort

What can really make a difference ?

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