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27 June 2013

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Crying Wolf won’t Help !

Economic Times ( 06 July ) carries following news report :

“ Despite GST , Chinese Still Strong in Power Play “

Power gear makers say Chinese cos still have an edge , lack of investment in the sector a worry

The 18 % GST that applies to Indian Manufacturers will also be applicable on imports now

But manufacturers point out that the Chinese will have access to cheaper credit and inputs and they would be fighting for a slice of the shrunk pie of orders in the domestic market since there are no signs of recovery in capex for thermal power

Capital Goods manufacturers in the power sector have been complaining that their Chinese counterparts have an undue advantage over them and are able to price products cheaper

Of the 117 GW of projects ordered for the 12th Five year plan , almost 45 % were bagged by foreign players led by the Chinese

Two days back , a leading Tyre Manufacturer also complained about Chinese imports out-pricing locally made tyres

When will Indian Manufacturers accept that , in today’s globalized economy , there can be no such thing as a “ Level Playing Field “ ?

Here is how I look at it :



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