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27 June 2013

Monday, 3 July 2017

Fast Forward to IoV ?

Times of India ( 02 July ) , carries following news report :

“ UK plans digital fences to thwart terror trucks “

The UK government is planning to install high-tech digital force fields around iconic buildings and bridges to block terror attacks using vehicles in the country.

The UK’s department for transport (DfT) is investigating the use of internet-based solutions to counter a recent spate of terror attacks using cars and vans to plough down pedestrians in busy areas, according to ‘The Times’.

According to the report, UK ministers are interested in the development of technologies such as “geo-fencing” systems that employ satellites to create electronic boundaries around specific sites.

It would connect with on-board computers in cars to prevent unauthorised vehicles gaining access or slowing them to walking space

DfT confirmed that the government was also looking at the use of technology to pre- vent attacks using vehicles as weapons.

A DfT spokesperson said: “Departments across government have been working together with the police and security service to explore what more can be done to prevent the malicious use of vehicles as a weapon.

The DfT is exploring what role vehicle safety technologies can play in mitigating this. This work is at an early stage.”

Sweden is already adapting the technology to vehicles in response to an attack in Stockholm in April when a truck was driven into pedestrians on a busy shopping street, killing four people.

Vehicle manufacturers including Scania and Volvo are involved in trials of the technology. A British firm is also reportedly working on similar technology by using telematics — black box-style devices — to shut down a car or lorry when it has been hijacked.


In my blog , 

Internet  of  Vehicles ( IoV )   [ 04  March 2017 ] “ ,

 among the various justifications , for embedding ALL vehicles with GPS enabled and Internet connected SENSORS, being controlled remotely ,  I had also listed :

“ Increasing road accidents , maiming and killing people or damaging property “

Dear Shri  Gadkariji :

I once again urge you to make this technology ( Internet of Vehicles ) , the CORNER STONE of your ,


03  July  2017